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24 July-9 August 2009

posted Feb 1, 2010, 11:52 PM by Ling Ong

On 24 July, the Probate Court heard the arguments for the transfer of the Pfeiffer Endowment from Bishop Museum to Friends of Falls Of Clyde. Although both Bishop Museum and FoFOC made arguments for the transfer, the judge decided to request additional information from Bishop Museum and deferred a decision until September. The delay is not helpful to FoFOC, but we are hopeful that the transfer will be made at the next hearing.   

There have been weekly volunteer work projects on the Falls by volunteers. The work will continue weekly or every other week until the drydock. Currently the drydock, which was deferred from 29 July, is scheduled for 15 September. The exact date will be known as we get closer. Because of the delay, the Board has decided to forego a one-year celebration and fundraiser. We do plan to have some sort of celebration when she gets back from drydock. 

The drydock will include blasting of the hull, sealing any holes or weak areas, and painting the bottom hull. She will return to Pier 7 in seaworthy condition and will be ready for more preservation work.  

With the impending hurricane (or tropical storm or tropical depression) Felicia, we needed to shore up the safety lines of the ship. We put out a call and were fortunate to get volunteers from the crew of the California Maritime Academy ship Golden Bear. Golden Bear is currently crewed by cadets from both the California Maritime Academy and Texas Maritime Academy. FoFOC extends a sincere mahalo to the young men and women and their supervisors who came to the rescue and doubled the safety lines on the ship to withstand any winds that may come in from Felicia or any other hurricane that may come before we go to drydock. Volunteers also helped to “batten down the hatches” in preparation for any rain that we may get.   

During this period the asbestos on the ship was cleaned out, so we have no environmental issue that could cause any problems with drydocking the ship. We have worked closely with the employees of Marisco to prepare for drydock. As we prepare to go to drydock, watch this space to find out more about the opportunities to ride an escort vessel as Falls of Clyde is towed to Kalaeloa Harbor.  

We understand that many people are interested in the current status and future of our wonderful national historic landmark, Falls of Clyde. The official spokesperson for Friends of Falls Of Clyde is our president, Bruce McEwan, so all official information will come from him. He can be contacted through this website.