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22 November-19 December

posted Dec 24, 2010, 10:26 AM by Ling Ong   [ updated Dec 24, 2010, 10:34 AM ]
Unfortunately, Falls of Clyde did not get the most votes for the Hampton Landmark funds. We lost out to Kilauea Lighthouse. Mahalo to everyone who supported us.

We received a notice from the National Park Service advising that the awarding of the Save America’s Treasures grant will be made in January, so we have another month to wait. This is the money that we will need to match so that we can go into drydock in 2011.

The rain we are currently having shows us that we need to get the new plywood decking down quickly before rainy season really starts. We are arranging to have that done by a commercial vendor. We are also working on a plan to do some rust removal and repainting in areas topside. The plan from our Project Manager, Chris Jannini, has just come in and will establish our work for the next several months.

We celebrated the 132nd birthday of Falls on 12 December with a small potluck event. Mahalo to Heather MacGregor who provided a selection of main dishes from various areas of the world. They were cooked by the chef Heather works with. We sang Happy Birthday of course. President Bruce McEwan gave an update on the work of Friends of Falls Of Clyde. He also recognized three volunteers for exceptional work in 2010: Alta Renton. Jeff Chawenson, Susan Yamamoto.

As we head into 2011, we again must reach out to our donors for funds to keep FoFOC functioning. This year the board has developed a series of designations for our donor levels. Here is how you can support Falls of Clyde as a crew member:

Donation                            Designation
Cook                                       $1-49
Able-Bodied Sailor               $50-99
3rd Mate                                 $100-249
2nd Mate                                $250-499
1st Mate                                 $500-999
Master                                    $1000+

We really appreciate the support of our donors and ask that you make your tax-deductible
donation early in 2011.