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1-31 October 2013

posted Nov 10, 2013, 11:31 PM by Ling Ong
This month has been one of preparation for the work that will be done by JMS Naval Architects & Salvage Engineers the second week of November. Their employees will inspect the ship and determine what needs to be done to safely move her to a drydock. They will also represent our organization in negotiations with the shipyard to get the ship safely in and out of drydock. Once a firm drydock commitment is made and a cost determined, we will start a capital campaign. The board looks at this project as a major step in our restoration plan.
We have also contracted with Foundation Search, an organization that will connect us with institutional funders that we hope will be interested in supporting our work.
Friends of Falls of Clyde has a Facebook page and we encourage interested people to friend us and dialogue with us. In addition, board member Susan Yamamoto maintains a blog that provides an informative perspective on Falls of Clyde