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Christian School League Philosophy

The Supreme Goal--That Christ may be honored above all else: Matthew 6:33 
  • Because we use the name of Christ in our league. 
  • Because God asks us to. Duet. 10:12 
  • Because it is a witness to the unsaved world. 

How to attain the goal as a Christian League: Phil 2:1-4 
  • Like-minded-all glorifying Christ 
  • Same Love 
  • One in Spirit 
  • Abolish selfish ambition and vain conceit 
  • Have the attitude of Christ Jesus

How to attain the goal as a Christian coach: 
  • Prayer. Phil. 4:6 
  • Self-control. James 1:26 and I Timothy 1: 7
  • Strive for excellence. II Peter 1:5 
  • Have an attitude of praise and thankfulness. Phil 2:14-18 and Phil 4:6 
  • Practice what you coach. Phil 4:9 and James 1:22 
Conclusion: Phil 3:7-8 "to know Christ Jesus and to be found in Him"