Year 5 Notices

Year 5/6 Growing Up program - changes to schedule

The Year 5 Growing Up program, scheduled to start tomorrow Tuesday 17 October, has been postponed because the Educator is unwell. The Year 5 program will now be held from 8 to 10 November. The parent information session for both Year 5 and Year 6 families will still be held tomorrow, Tuesday 17 October 2017 at 8.30am in the Morris Library. The Year 6 Growing Up program will run as scheduled from tomorrow Tuesday 17 to Thursday 19 October. If you have any queries about this year’s program, please contact the Morris Office on 6210 2228 or

Year 5 excursion to CCAMLR - 16 October

On Monday 16 October Year 5M students have been invited to the opening of the annual meeting for the Commission for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources (CCAMLR) in Hobart where international delegates discuss the oceans and marine life around the Antarctic. Our students will have the opportunity to present some framed photos of the Southern Ocean by the world famous French photographer, Laurent Ballesta. We will be travelling by bus from School, departing at 9.10am and returning to school at 12.00pm. Students should wear their formal School uniform and bring a drink bottle and snack. If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact the Morris Office on 6210 2228.

Year 5 Excursion - Radio Observatory - Cambridge - 20 October

Following the recent talk about the solar system by astrophysicist Professor John Dickey of UTAS, Year 5 will be visiting Mt Pleasant Observatory (radio telescope) and the Grote Reber Museum at Cambridge on Friday 20 October. The visit will take place during school time between 9.00am and 1.30pm. This will include the students having a picnic lunch at Bellerive beach playground next to Blundstone arena on the way back to school so students should bring a packed lunch for the excursion.

Parent Information Session rescheduled - Year 5/6 Growing Up Program

Owing to staff changes at Family Planning Tasmania the dates for the Growing Up Program for Year 5 and Year 6 have changed from 16-18 October to 17-19 October. As a result, the Parent Information Session will now be held on Tuesday 17 October at 8.30am in the Morris Library. If you have any queries about this year’s program, please contact the Morris Office on 6210 2228 or

Growing Up Program - 16 to 18 October

Family Planning Tasmania will be visiting your child’s class from 16 to 18 October to provide The Growing Up Program – a relationships, sexuality and protective behaviours program. The parent information session is on Monday 16 October 2017 at 8.30am in the Morris Library. If you have any queries about this year’s program, please contact the Morris Office on 6210 2228 or Click here to see Information for Parents and Carers 5-6, Responding to Children's Questions, and the Information Session for Parents and Carers.

RESCHEDULED: Year 5 Excursion: “A Day on the Gold fields” - rescheduled to Friday 22 September

As families are aware, the Year 5 Excursion: “A Day on the Gold fields” that was originally scheduled for Friday 8 September was postponed due to rain. The excursion has now been rescheduled to Friday 22 September when Year 5 students will experience the gold rush era first hand during a role-play excursion to the Taroona Beach “gold fields”. See detailed note below.

POSTPONED: Year 5 Excursion: “A Day on the Gold fields” Friday 8 September

Over the next two weeks we will be bringing our unit of inquiry ‘Where we are in time and place’ to a conclusion. This unit has focused on colonial Australian history between 1800 - 1900. The central idea is: Events of the past have shaped the present. On Friday 8 September Year 5 students will experience the gold rush era first hand during a role-play excursion to the Taroona Beach “gold fields”. It will be a simulation of life on the gold fields in the 1850s and although most “diggers” may find gold, the gold prices will vary and the ever present troopers will be there to check the miners’ licences during the day. We will travel to Taroona Beach by bus leaving school at 9.15am and returning by 2.45pm. A list of the items children will need to bring for this day is detailed below:

Personal items: Old (but warm) clothes need to be worn and must include long pants. Please wear a warm jumper or polar fleece, walking boots/sturdy walking shoes (essential) and also include a rain coat, spare socks, a substantial morning tea and lunch, plenty to drink, a hat or beanie and a small towel. A reasonable sized daypack will be necessary to carry the items as a short bushwalk will be involved.

Group items* (to be negotiated by group members): waterproof ground cover/tarpaulin to sit on, an old sheet/tarpaulin to make a shelter (sorry, no tents!), small hand trowel (no spades) and some rope/string.

Students will have the opportunity to cook a few items like sausages on the barbecue at Taroona to augment their lunch. Please send along your food to cook in a plastic bag with your child’s name and class clearly written on the outside. A large Eski will be available at school to keep bbq items cool.

Lindsey Dobson - thank you

This is a short note to thank all the parents in 5D for their kind words and generous gifts when I left the School at the end of last term. I did my best to ensure it was a ‘happy occasion’ for all your children and the support you gave to me and to your children was, as always, fantastic! The magnolia tree is in its pot and sitting proudly at my front door. Thank you all again. Kind regards, Lindsey Dobson.

5A - Denise Armstrong on Long Service Leave

For the first four weeks of Term 4, Denise Armstrong will be on Long Service Leave. We thank her for her dedicated service to the school and wish her a wonderful journey on her outback adventure holiday and a safe return to class in Week 5 of Term 4. In Denise’s place we are fortunate to have Muria Roberts join us to teach in 5A for these four weeks. Muria came to live in Tasmania in June this year. She has a wealth of experience in International Schools and with the IB PYP. This includes her role at the International School of Bogor as the PYP Coordinator and as a teacher at the Green School in Bali. We welcome Muria to The Friends’ School and look forward to having her on the teaching team at Morris.

Year 5 - Book Week Assembly - performance and costumes

Year 5 will be presenting an item at Book Week assembly next Tuesday 22 August. We have decided to amalgamate a scenario from our current novel, Tom Appleby – Convict Boy by Jackie French with a well-known music hall song, “Bound for Botany Bay”. Students will be characters from the song and novel and we would like them to be dressed in a simple costume for the performance. Your child will be one of the following characters (to be negotiated by Wednesday 16/8) and below is a costume guide:

Narrator/s (one per class) – sports uniform

Thomas Appleby – chimney sweep outfit with brush                      

Police officers – blue outfit, cap

Judge at Old Bailey – costume provided but wig is needed

Captain – captain’s hat, overcoat with buttons or similar, grey or black trousers

Bo’sun – white t-shirt, jeans, jacket

Ships crew – white t-shirts, bandanna/kerchief, jeans

Marines – red t-shirt, jeans

1st class passengers – smartly dressed e.g. dresses and shawls for girls, smart attire for boys        2nd class passengers – plain outfit with no logos (similar to first class but not as fancy)

Convicts – black/dark trousers and dark t-shirt (broad arrows to be attached at school or home)

We have included the (rewritten) lyrics for your child to learn at home.

‘Bound for Botany Bay’
(first performed at The Gaiety Theatre, London, England, in 1885)

Farewell to old England forever

Farewell to my old friends as well,

Farewell to the well known Old Bailey

Where I used to sweep chimneys as well…


Singing toorali – orali - addity

Singing toorali – oolari - ai

Singing toorali – orali – addity

We’re bound for Botany Bay

There’s the captain who is our commander,

There’s the bo’sun and all the ship’s crew

There’s first and second class passengers,

Don’t know what we convicts go through


Singing toorali – orali - addity

Singing toorali – oolari - ai

Singing toorali – orali – addity

We’re bound for Botany Bay

To all my old friends who are wondering

Take warning from what I’ve to say,

Don’t steal or go in for that plundering

Can’t escape from Botany Bay


Singing toorali – orali - addity

Singing toorali – oolari - ai

Singing toorali – orali – addity

We’re bound for Botany Bay

City of Clarence Eisteddfod - 19 June

[Sent to families of students who wish to participate via CareMonkey]

Students in Year 3 and Year 5 have the opportunity to participate in the Speech and Drama section of the City of Clarence Eisteddfod held in August 2017. Your child has expressed an interest in taking part. Students will be required to practise with me during one of the breaks each week. I am available in the Library every Thursday during first break for practice. When the program is available, I will inform you of the dates of each section and the arrangements for travel. Agreeing to participate in the Eisteddfod demands a commitment to practising and then performing on the day. I would appreciate you discussing this with your child and completing this permission request if you would like me to enter your child in the Eisteddfod. Please contact me via email,, or phone 62102228 if you have any queries.

5D - Lindsey Dobson

At the end of this term, we will say goodbye to Lindsey Dobson after nearly 30 years of service at The Friends’ School. Lindsey has been a steadfast, committed, principled and kind teacher who has touched the lives of many students. An advertisement will appear in the newspaper soon to advertise for a temporary teacher to teach 5D for the remainder of 2017. We will provide families with information about Lindsey’s replacement before the end of the term. We will be very sad to say goodbye to our dear friend Lindsey, and we wish him well for the future.

Year 5 Band - rehearsing at The Farrall Centre on Thursday 18 May

Year 5 band will rehearse in The Farrall Centre on Thursday 18 May instead of the High School. This is because Marg Reid is required to conduct rehearsals for other music ensembles on Thursday afternoon in preparation for the Friends’ Music Concert. Please collect your child from The Farrall Centre at the conclusion of Year 5 Band, at 4.00pm.

Year 5/6 Marimba rehearsal cancelled - 16 May

The Year 5/6 marimba rehearsal scheduled for Tuesday 16 May has been cancelled to allow Morris Band to have a rehearsal prior to performing in the May School Music Concert. Morris Band will rehearse in The Farrall Centre not the High School Music Room from 7.45am to 8.30am. We hope all band members will be able to make this extra rehearsal. The May School Music Concert is on Thursday 18 May and we look forward to seeing you there if you are able to join us.

Year 5/6 Co-curricular training commences this week - 1 May

Training commences this week for all co-curricular sports. Year 5/6 Tuesday 3.15pm-4.00pm (Hockey & Soccer at Bell Street grounds, Netball at School). Year 3/4 Thursday 3.15pm-4.00pm (Hockey & Soccer at Bell Street grounds, Netball at School). Please collect your child promptly at 4.00pm. Soccer/Hockey rosters will be distributed tomorrow, if they have been received by the School, and netball in the next couple of weeks. Please note: there will be NO co-curricular training for Year 5/6 next week due to Year 6 Canberra trip. If training is cancelled owing to inclement weather, a cancellation email will be sent by 2.00pm, in which case students will be dismissed from School at 3.15pm as usual. Thank you for your support.

Years 3-6 walking the Cross Country course during PE this week - 1 May

This week all classes from Year 3 to Year 6 will travel by bus to the Bell Street grounds during their PE class to walk the cross-country course in preparation for the Morris Cross Country Carnival on Wednesday 17 May. A program will be sent to families prior to the event. If you have any queries about the Cross Country Carnival please do not hesitate to email me at

Year 5 Camp - note to families - 28 March

As you can see by the following photos, the weather has been beautiful on the east coast today. I have spoken to Denise Armstrong and Wendy Crow who both tell me the children have been delightful and are having a wonderful time.

Year 5 Camp - suggested list of equipment [click link]

Years 3 - 6 Winter Sports Options [click link]

Year 5 and 6 Swimming and Water Safety Program

The Year 5 and 6 Swimming Program will run from Friday 10 March to Friday 17 March at the Friends Health & Fitness Pool. Children will require bathers, towel and swimming cap (essential) and it is suggested that they wear goggles if they have them.  It would help if goggles were fitted prior to the program, so that time is not wasted adjusting goggles during the lesson.  No board shorts are to be worn. It is recommended that children bring a plastic bag for all wet gear. Children need to wear their PE uniform to and from school during the week they are swimming.

Three qualified Austswim teachers will be teaching the program with Lisa Di Venuto.

9.00am Year 6 leave school                                                         

9.15-9.50am in the water                                                    

9.50-10.00am changing                                                      

10.00am return to school                                                    

9.45am Year 6 leave school                                                    

10.00-10.35am in the water                                                    

10.35-10.45am changing                                                     

10.45am return to school                                                    

10.30am Year 6 leave school                                                  

10.45-11.20am in the water                                                

11.20-11.30am changing                                                     

11.30am return to school                                                    

11.15am Year 5 leave school

11.30-12.05pm in the water

12.05-12.15pm changing

12.15pm return to school

12.30pm Year 5 leave school

12.45-1.20pm in the water

1.20-1.30pm changing

1.30pm return to school

1.15pm Year 5 leave school

1.30-2.05pm in the water

2.05-2.15pm changing

2.15pm return to school

The Year 5 and 6 classes will be using a different timeslots each day depending on their specialists.  Year 6 will always occupy the first three timeslots and Year 5 the last three (except for Friday 9 March where Year 5 will go first). If you wish to know the exact time your child will be swimming each day please contact the class teacher. During this week there will be no timetabled PE for Year 5 and 6. If you have any questions about the program please phone Lisa Di Venuto on 6210 2228 during school hours or email

5A Meet the Teacher - notes

As promised I am sending a summary of the Meet the Teacher [click link] held earlier this week, to 5A families. It was lovely to talk with the parents who could make it last Tuesday, but for those who were unable to attend, here is a summary of the main points and information given out at that meeting. Please contact me if you have any queries.

Year 5 Camp - Orford - March 2016 - CareMonkey consent [This form was distributed via CareMonkey]

A camp has been organised for all Year 5 students at Spring Beach Youth Camp in Orford. Students will travel from school on Monday 27 March and return to school by the end of the school day on Wednesday 29 March. The purpose of this camp is for students to build community within their class groups and across the year level and to be involved in a range of activities designed to link with their inquiry into wellbeing. Students will be accompanied by class teachers, specialist teachers, Outdoor Education staff and GAP students.

As this excursion is outside school hours and outside the greater Hobart area permission is required for your child to attend. To enable your child to attend Year 5 Camp please ensure this consent form is completed by Friday 3 March including details of required medication, additional support needs and specific dietary requirements (for example vegetarian food/allergies) so that planning for dietary requirements can take place.

All medications (except for asthma puffers and epipens) should be given to the class teacher on the morning of departure. Medication should be provided in a snap lock bag clearly labelled with:

  • The child’s name

  • Name of medication

  • Dosage requirements e.g. 1/2 tablet before bed or 1 spray as required

These medicines will be kept by the class teacher and distributed as required. Please do not allow your child to keep any medicine while on the excursion. If it is necessary for the student to carry their own medication, eg for asthma, it MUST be with the knowledge and permission of both the parent and the class teacher. The school will supply both soluble and tablet child Panadol as well as liquid Claratyne.


Yes, I give permission for attendance for this person and their CareMonkey care profile is up to date.

Is your child taking any tablets and/or medicine?

If your child is taking tablets and/or medicine please describe here including the name of the medication, dosage, and time taken.

I consent for my child to be administered Paracetemol if deemed necessary by The Friends' School staff.

In the event of accident or illness when it is impracticable or impossible to communicate with me, I understand the teacher in charge will arrange such medical or surgical treatment as may be deemed necessary.

I have been informed by the school of the arrangements made for the conduct of this excursion. I understand that the excursion includes activities that may involve some risk.

Have you discussed with your child appropriate behaviour for camp and does your child understand that you will be asked to collect them from camp if they do not behave appropriately?

I agree to my child returning home if necessary in the event of illness, injury or non-cooperation, and to pay any expenses involved or to come and collect my child from the excursion. I agree to reimburse the school for any wanton damage caused by my child. I agree to reimburse the school for any hospital, medical or ambulance expenses incurred by the school on behalf of my child.

Describe any specific dietary requirements your child has for this camp, for example gluten free, lactose free or vegetarian.

Describe any overnight issues your child may have (e.g. night terrors, bed wetting, sleep walking, separation anxiety).