From Farm to Fork


With over 20 years of experience in farming and food processing, we've applied our advance freeze drying technology to produce natural, wholesome and nutritious foods. From hundreds of varieties of cooking ingredients and daily snacks, we preserve the food's natural nutrition and flavor, then deliver it to you, from our farm to your fork. 

Food Ingredients
Vertically-integrated, over 1,000 acres berry and nursery farm owned by shareholders produce great taste berry in an eco-friendly way. We introduce unique Blueberry, Cranberry series: powder, dice, granule, slice etc. With our efficient supply chain,we can also deliver healthy dried ingredients all over the world with full range of packaging option. 

Private Label Blending and Packaging

We provide private label services to some of the finest  companies. With our product matching capabilities and equivalent formulations, we have the products you want. 

Neutraceutical, NHP (Natural Health Product)

Contract Lyophilization Service with R&D team support.

Located in North-west of Washington State,surrounded by berry farms and close to major packers, we can facilitate our Freeze Dry capability to customers' requirement at minimum lead time. Committed to customer service and quality control, we can be helpful to your development of creative products.




Let's grow together in a healthy way. 


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