At Freer High School, we believe it is critical to find ways to make high quality mathematics available to all students. Students will learn mathematical concepts and procedures with understanding, develop computational and procedural fluency, become flexible and resourceful problem solvers, and be prepared to use mathematics in their lives.

Our goal is to provide equity, through experiences and varied instructional deliveries that engage all students. To accomplish this goal is to ensure that achievement gaps close faster than ever before. But it will continue to be one teacher working with one student at a time that makes the biggest difference in the mathematics that a student embraces.

OUR AIM:  is for you (the student) to understand how to apply your mind in a systematic manner toward understanding the world around you.

To contact your math teacher, contact the high school at 361-394-6025 or see information listed below.

Bryan Neal, Ed. D.        School Phone: 361-394-6025;      Cell Phone: 903-629-5537;     Email:  bneal@freerisd.net
Jose Cantu                    School Phone: 361-394-6025;                                                      Email:  jtcantu@freerisd.net
Tapas Bannerjee           School Phone: 361-394-6025;                                                      Email:  tbannerjee@freerisd.net

Homework Help through:  MathPapa

Pearson Textbook Resources:  https://www.pearsontexas.com

To compare curriculum for math courses and/or grade level(s), see the information provided by the Texas Education Agency at:

Address:  Freer High School, 905 S. Norton, Freer, Texas 78357

Freer Independent School District does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex or handicap.