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Free Range Concerts Presents

Direct from Norway
An Evening With

Humming People


Sunday, May 3, 2015

6 pm - 10 pm

$20 Donation

Free Range Concerts is going global. May 3 we host the Norwegian band Humming People for a night of great music and big fun. Our good friend, Nashville-based artist and musician Phil Madeira, produced Humming People’s stand out album last year, City of Lost Men, and he hooked us up to be part of their 2015 U.S. tour. We could not be more pleased. Here’s what you need to know:

From the icy urban streets of Oslo and the backwoods country of Toten emerges an honest, straight-shooting band with Americana influences ranging from Johnny Cash to Bob Dylan, but with a cultural awareness and musical voice uniquely their own.


With distinct sharpness the band spins their poetic tales with a deep musical beauty and intimacy, but also shamelessly reveals life's dirty underbelly. They tell you stories about life as it is, its beauty and ugliness, its better and its worse.


"A Hope No Man Can Bind", their debut record, was released in June 2009 after touring 3 years, playing approximately 120 shows a year, in every hill and corner of Norway. They also have shared their honest, hopeful tunes abroad, including the UK, Holland, Denmark, Sweden, Russia, Israel, Ethiopia, Cambodia and the U.S.


In 2010 and 2011, Humming People played nearly 200 concerts within the walls of Norwegian and Swedish prisons, as part of a project with the Salvation Army. This cooperation led to the recording of their second album "Live at Halden Prison.” Recorded within the high security walls of Halden, in front of more than 200 inmates, Humming People's second full-length CD was released January 2011.


Humming People just released their third album, "City of Lost Men.” Producer Phil Madeira (Emmylou Harris, Civil Wars, Buddy Miller, Mindy Smith) was so excited about the result that he called some friends and suddenly Emmylou Harris, Holly Williams and Sam Bush (Alison Krauss, Taylor Swift) were part of the album."


Humming People is Joakim Hansen, John Hjeldsbakken, Christer Slaaen & Øyvind Bergsaune. 

We know what you’re thinking:

“I can’t speak Norwegian!” (They speak English.)

“I can’t pronounce their names!” (They go by Joe, John, Chris and Chuck.)

“Should I whip up a platter of Lutefisk?” (Please…no.)

Check out Humming People at the links below. We’ve fallen in love with these guys. They’re talented, fun and full of life. Kim and I can’t wait, and we hope you’ll be with us for a night of cross-cultural musical magic.


Food and conversation start at 6 pm. Music happens at 7 pm. Pitch-in and BYOB. RSVP requested. Reservations required.