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Freeman Music Boosters Concession Stand Schedule

Winter 2017-2018


If the student and at least one parent cannot work when scheduled, please arrange for your own replacement. Please contact either one of the Music Booster’s that are opening or closing to let them know as well.

For safety reasons, no children under age 10 should be behind the concession stand

Scheduled workers will be listed in the Falcon Flyer

We encourage students to work a shift. They may need to make adjustments or find a replacement due to playing on the basketball team, cheerleading, wrestling or playing in pep band.

Tuesday, January 16 – Girls and Boys Basketball vs. Malcolm

Open 4:00 Jade Keebler Close 6:15 Carrie Reed

4:15 to 5:45


7:15 to Close

Jauson Schriner

Tali Wehrer

Jayden Hartwig

Brock Robinson

Karrie Hiskett (Hannah C.)

Jonah Reed

Jordan Jurgens

Nia Latas

Mary Zeman

Tuesday, January 23 – Girls and Boys Basketball vs. Elmwood-Murdock

Open 4:15 Susan Ruyle Close 6:30 Jenni Beebe/Debi Hestermann

4:30 to 6:00


7:30 to Close

Courtney Hill

Torie Tucker

Emma Alberts and NoSheen

Grace Ruyle

Alyssa Jurgens

Garret Lenners

Grant Ehmen

Kaleb Unvert

Macy Holland

Friday, January 26 – Girls and Boys Basketball vs. Diller-Odell (Parent’s Night)

Open 4:15 Jeni Beebe/Susan Ruyle Close 6:30 Carrie Reed/Deb Buehler

4:30 to 6:00


7:30 to Close

Nolan Robinson

Peyton Winkle

Emme Weber

Cody Larkins

Kaitlyn Otto

Addi Dorn

Mikayla Lempka

Colby Sugden

Raeann Hartwig

Reminder: Trip Payments are due. Account should be up to $750. 12/15/17 Next Payment due 2/15/18

Payment Schedule for The Chicago Trip:

8/30/2017 $250 
10/16/2017 $250
12/15/2017 $250
2/15/2018 $250

Third  Payment must bring students account up to $750

The dates of the trip will be Sunday, May 20th through Wednesday, May 23rd. 

Upcoming events:

  1. “Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.” ― Plato

Music is the art of thinking with sounds--
             Jules Combarieu