Thanks for stopping by the West Freehold School Art page, here you 
will learn about what's going on in the art room and
different activities you can complete at home. 

My name is Miss Areman, I am honored to be in my fourth year as the West Freehold School Art Teacher.  My philosophy is grounded in the belief that all children are artists, you just have to discover what you like to imagine and create.  Student artists will certainly find their niche in our art world.  
With passion and hard work put into each composition each work of art can be successful.  I look forward to watching each student grow over the years and discover their hidden talents.  This school year will be a fun adventure, in our classroom we will be looking for recycled objects such as:

  • Broken jewelry pieces
  • Kid friendly magazines
  • Colored plastic bottle caps
  • Empty 2 liter bottles

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