Asked Questions About Kindergarten...

What is the schedule in kindergarten?
The weekly schedule consists of daily classroom instruction, related arts (Phys. Ed./ Library/ Spanish/ Art/Music) lunch, playground, quiet time, free play

What about clothing?
Wear comfortable clothing and shoes/sneakers that will allow your child to be actively engaged in his/her learning.

My child rides a bus. Can you tell me more about the bus ride?
Buses have seat belts.  Little ones are usually seated together near the front—or with a sibling.  Remind your child it is important to sit properly and use seat belt.

What kind of backpack will my child need?
The backpack should be large enough to hold their school folder (8 1/2 X 11"), but not too big in comparison to the size of the child.  Only pack with things needed for school.

How should I communicate with the teacher/school?
Teachers will keep you well informed about curriculum and classroom activities. Feel free to use the teacher’s voicemail or email for additional questions.   Mrs. Areman and Mrs. Gassner have an office open door policy if you would like to reach out to them with questions.

What about security?
All doors are locked. Visitors must ring the bell, state their name and show ID before being buzzed in. Once in the building visitors report directly to the office and sign in.  If volunteering, you must remain in that area. Do not visit other parts of the building.  Children are always supervised inside and outside of the building.  Until we get to know everyone, ID might be requested when signing children out.

What can I do to help my child make a smooth transition to kindergarten?   
  • We are hopeful the video provided will help you to prepare your child by explaining what to expect. 
  • Make transportation plans clear to your child. Establish a routine. 
  • Celebrate the first day and every day! Learning to like school and liking to learn are closely related, so convey a positive attitude!

What are Related Arts?
Students will have five related arts classes:
  • Art 
  • Music
  • Physical Education/Health: Physical Education/Health is twice every five days for 45 minutes each.  Students should try to wear sneakers on PE days
  • Library/Media
  • Spanish
Students have each of these subjects at least once every 5 days for 45 minutes.  

What kind of snack should I pack for my child?
Students will have the opportunity to enjoy a snack at the end of each day. Pack something healthy that your child enjoys and can easily open.

We saw the video, A Day in the Life of a Kindergartner, can you tell me more about what they will be learning?
The Curriculum Department provides a brief overview of the district curriculum here.   

How can I help my child with his/her reading skills?
Parents and other special adults are the first teachers of our children. We created eight easy steps you can follow to help your child get ready for reading.
Talk with your child about what you are reading. Use this list of questions  as a reference.
Action Reading...

The teacher mentioned "fine motor skills" at the Kindergarten Preview. Is there anything we can do at home to help improve these skills?
Our kindergarten team created a list of activities to support fine motor skill development at home. Click here for the list.