Monthly Anti Bullying Lessons

Freehold Township Schools Anti-Bullying Program for grades K-5.  The school year has been divided into monthly themes and each teacher is required to address the monthly themes at least once during the month.  

September - K-5: Conflict Resolution
October - K-2: What is a Bully? Physical, 3-5: What is a Bully? Physical/Verbal
November - K-2: What is a Bully? (Characteristic of a Bully), 3-5: What is a Bully? (Characteristics of a Bully/Exclusion and Peer Pressure)
December - K-2: Bossy/Excluding, 3-5: Cyber Bullying
January - K-5: Conflict Resolution - Stop A Bully
February - K-5: Bystanders
March - K-5: Bystanders
April - K-5: Bystanders
May - K-2: Being Left Out, 3-5: Cliques
June - K-5: Reflection- Post-Test

Click here for the Freehold Township's Harassment, Intimidation and Bullying Policy/Definition