What's Going on in Second Grade This Month?

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Science: Earth Systems Unit-Students will take part in a PBL (Project Based Learning) where they will be researching different materials found on Earth such as rocks, sand, and soil. Students will learn about and carry out investigations on Bodies of Water, Landforms, Layers of the Earth’s Crust, Erosion, Weathering. Students final project will be to design a way to protect the sand dunes of the Jersey Shore from erosion.

Reading: We will continue working on non-fiction reading using texts from our science unit of Earth Systems (such as landforms, bodies of water, erosion, weathering, layers of the earth, water cycle, etc.) Students will identify main ideas, cause and effect, problem & solution, Comparing & Contrasting.

Writing- We are starting a new unit on Nonfiction Writing. Students will begin this unit writing nonfiction topics of the students' choice. At the end of this unit, students will write a nonfiction book about a topic of their choice from our science unit.

Math- Unit 3 will focus on Addition & Subtraction within 100, adding and subtracting on the number line, story problems with 2 digits, and data & graphing.