Welcome to 5th grade!
Our class motto is "Yes You Can!"
We will spend this year working together to inspire all students to be confident and capable  lifelong learners.
   Always feel free to contact us!

THANK YOU SOOOOOOO much to all of our fabulous donors. Our project was filled in less than one week thanks to you! We appreciate all of the support you showed towards our project! Our books have arrived and we are eager to read.

How many combined minutes will our fifth graders read this school year? 
Will we exceed the class reading goal of  80,000 minutes  ? 
 (previous classes have read up to 110,000!!!)

SO FAR WE ARE AT... 34,650 minutes!

Our colorful and completed Doodle Trackers will be proudly displayed in the hallway outside of our classroom for the entire school to see!

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