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6th Grade
  Creating a Bibliography (Works Cited) Page

Introduction to Creating a Bibliography / Works Cited Page

 Step #1   With your partner, click on Link 1 below. Then, using the Guide to Locating Information on a Webpage, fill in the requested information on the worksheet.  (There is a print copy of the guide on the table, or you can click on the guide below.)  Then, do the same for Link 2. When you're done, ask for an answer sheet to check your work.  
Link 1 (Website)
Link 2  (Online Magazine or Newspaper Article) 

Step #2   
(Headphones or Ear buds required.)
 Watch the EasyBib video. Make sure you take notes.  
(9 minutes)

Step #3 Using what you learned from steps 1 and 2, cite the following websites using EasyBib. (30 to 40 minutes)
Link 3 - Rainforest  (Easybib will be the wrong article title in the box; you need to change it.)
Step #4 Create your final Bibliography / Works Cited Page.  (5 minutes)
  • On the page where your citations are listed, click the orange button that says Export
  • Click on "Save to Google Docs"
  • Follow the directions to create your Works Cited Page.  
  • Ask Mrs. Force for an answer key to check your work.

Step #5 - Cite the books on the table. Make sure you click the Book tab first in Easy Bib.  Then, repeat step #4.

Step #6 - Fill out the following Exit Card (both you and your partner). Make sure you click SUBMIT at the end.
(5 minutes)     

Extra Activities

1. Brain Pop Video                  

2. Click the Quiz box, and take the Review Quiz.

5. Expert Game Under the "Citation Game Index" click on the first link that says 

MLA Art/Photographs Citation.