Welcome to Ms. Scarnati's Kindergarten Class!

or schoolbag large enough to hold a pocket folder 
and a lunch box. (A Catena pocket folder will be provided by the 
P.T.O) For safety reasons please avoid buying a backpack that is 
on wheels. 
Please also supply your child with the following items and 
label each 
item with your child’s name: 
* 6 Large (0.77oz.) Elmer’s all-purpose glue sticks 
* 4 Low Odor Black Expo Dry Erase Markers 
* 1 box of washable markers (broad line 8 count) 
* 1 box of colored pencils (12 count) 
* A 100 sheet 200 page black marble composition note book 
* 1 pair of headphones (no ear buds please)
Please provide an extra set of seasonally appropriate clothes. 
These clothes will be kept in your child’s cubby and will be used in 
the event of an accident or spill. Label the articles of clothing 
with your child’s name and place them in a clear plastic bag such as 
a Ziploc. 
Sneakers with 
closures are required for gym class. 
Slip on, flip flops, zipper or platform sneakers are not permitted 
for your child’s safety during physical activities. 
It is suggested that you keep school supplies at home for homework and 
special activities. Your child will need pencils, crayons, scissors, and glue. 
All other school supplies needed will be provided by the 
Freehold Township School District.
Supply List 

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