Welcome to Jump Start to Literacy!

        Jump Start to Literacy is part of Freehold Township's K-2 early literacy program, which is based on the current best practices in literacy.  It is a reading program that encompasses all of the necessary components of a balanced literacy curriculum.  Our emergent readers progress from phonemic awareness, which is the ability to hear and manipulate individual sounds, to reading fluently using this highly multi-sensory approach.  Jump Start to Literacy is taught whole group in all K-2 classes.  Additionally, students are selected to work daily in a small group setting with either their classroom teacher or a Jump Start to Literacy Lead Teacher.  Through small group instruction, students' individual needs are met as they are guided through the reading process by the teacher.  With focused strategy instruction, multi-sensory learning of phonics, and books that are on each child's appropriate level, students are given the necessary tools to read with fluency and understanding.  More importantly, because students experience success through this highly motivating program, they learn to love to read.
     If you have any questions regarding the Jump Start to Literacy program, please Contact a JSL Teacher.