SCIENCE Sites to Explore!

Great Science Site:  Study Jams SCIENCE!
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Weather SITES  

States of Matter:  Solid, Liquid, Gas

Water Cycle


Weather Instruments 

Weather Wiz Kids  This site has games, great information, experiments, and more! 
Wild Weather Adventure GAME  Be the first to take your weather blimp around the world answering questions as you go!  

Space SITES  

The Solar System
Kid's Astronomy:  Learn about the solar system, planets, moons, sun, and more!  
NASA Kids' Club:  Fun games and more!!  
NASA Kids' Home:  Games, experiments, information, and more!
ESA Space For Kids:  Facts about our solar system and lots more!

Planet Profiles  Learn about each planet, the sun, and even take a quiz!
Is Pluto No Longer a Planet?  Watch this National Geographic Kids Video!  


Sensational Shadow Show!

The Moon

Comets and Meteors

Rocks and Minerals SITES

Rocks and Minerals iMovies!! :)

Rocks and Minerals Science Unit

Fast and Slow Land Changes

Rocks and Minerals Unit


Fast Land Changes, Slow Land Changes

What We Learned in Science

Animals and Their Environments SITES

Bill Nye: Mammals


Bill Nye: Reptiles

Bill Nye: Insects

Bill Nye: Amphibians

Bill Nye: Birds

Bill Nye: Fish

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Classifying Animals


Bill Nye--Ocean Life

Bill Nye: Rivers and Streams (Freshwater)

Bill Nye: Deserts

Bill Nye: Forests

Producers, Consumers, and Decomposers
Herbivores, Carnivores, Omnivores, and Decomposers
Food Chains
Chain Reaction: Build a Food Chain  Build the food chain and then see what happens if part of it is missing!
What Kind of Animal is This?  GAMES
Life Cycles

Bill Nye: Life Cycle

Animal Adaptations
More Animal Games and Activities to Choose From!

Nonfiction Writing Unit

Animal Project Online Resources

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National Geographic Kids! Dare to Explore!             

Animal Fact Guide

Animal Corner  

Kids Biology    

San Diego Zoo Kids

National Wildlife Federation--Ranger Rick 
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