Welcome Kindergarten Students!

posted Sep 5, 2017, 2:48 PM by Sandra Gassner   [ updated Sep 5, 2017, 2:52 PM ]
Welcome to the Errickson School!  You and your children are going to become part of a very special family this year – the Errickson Family.  We take pride in treating our school like a small community in which every member plays an important role. We are looking forward to working with your children this year and interacting with you while you volunteer in the school and attend the various events that the staff and PTO sponsor.  

Freehold Township Schools is fortunate to be able to provide a full day Kindergarten program.  The full day Kindergarten program brings about many opportunities for our students.  They have more time to have meaningful language experiences, experiment with manipulatives to discover math concepts, capitalize on their natural inquisitiveness through the project approach, and socialize with their peers.  Our Kindergarten teachers have been very busy this summer arranging their centers and organizing their classrooms to create a fun and exciting environment for your children that will meet their academic needs.  

Please join us for Kindergarten orientation on Wednesday, September 6, 2017 at 9:00 AM at the Errickson School. This will be your children’s first opportunity to see their new classrooms and meet their teachers.  The orientation will help ease the anxiety children may have with the first day of school.  Please note that the orientation is for both parents and students, however the program is child-centered.  (Specific questions about curriculum and routines will be answered for parents during our annual Back to School Night on September 28, 2017.)  The program will conclude with a brief bus ride for students to become familiar with the safety rules of the bus. 

The first day of school will be Thursday, September 7, 2017. Our doors open at 8:10am and school starts at 8:20. Dismissal is 2:55pm. For students who ride the bus, a staff member will meet them on the bus and escort them to their teachers prior to the rest of the bus unloading. Hopefully, this will ease any first day jitters that students (and parents) may have. We will continue this practice for the first few days of school until we are confident that our students are secure in making the trip on their own. For students who will be dropped off by their parents, please proceed to the back of the school and pull around the circle for drop off. The mornings are very hectic in the back of the building, so please drop off as quickly as possible. If you feel that you need more time dropping your child off, there are areas to park in the back of the building, but because of the traffic flow, it may be challenging to park. We will have staff members in the cafeteria to escort your child to their classrooms so that they will feel confident once they arrive. Parent pick up is also in the back of the building during dismissal. Please park and sign your child out each day. Walkers will be met by staff members at the crossing guard station in the morning and escorted to the crossing guard in the afternoon.

As your child gets ready for kindergarten orientation, you may enjoy reading the book, "The Kissing Hand," or "Pete the Cat: Rocking in My School Shoes," or "Wheels on the Bus," before the first day of school. You may view all or portions of these books on You Tube.  We look forward to seeing you in school!

Pete the Cat
Wheels on the Bus
The Kissing Hand