Thank you, MWES-PTO...Scholastic Magazines Enrich Reading!

posted Nov 2, 2017, 7:58 AM by Sandra Gassner
Discussions about current events are common in classrooms at the Marshall W. Errickson School. In addition to using information gained from illustrations and words in a text to demonstrate an understanding of a topic, when discussing current events our students devote time to identifying how the author uses reasons and evidence to support particular points made in the text. Students also explain how their own point of view is the same or differs from that of the author.

This year we have been fortunate to have the MWES-PTO fund the purchase of several Scholastic magazine subscriptions. Students in grades, one, two, four and five enjoy Scholastic News, a weekly “newspaper” that is available in print as well as online. (You may remember it as The Weekly Reader!) The PTO also funded the purchase of Scholastic’s Storyworks & Storyworks Jr. magazines for students in grades 3-5. This print and online "magazine" serves as a text resource in a variety of genres for our students. Each issue includes an abundance of nonfiction articles in many lengths and text types, which are linked to timely science and social studies topics. Grade four is honing their math skills with a subscription to DynaMATH!. 

Thank you, MWES-PTO for these valuable resources!  

If you are interested in accessing additional sources of nonfiction text and online current events at home, this “Symbaloo” contains quick links to a number of sources of nonfiction text which support classroom instruction and help answer questions about timely topics. To see these resources and the full list of online current events databases used frequently in our school go to As with any online resource, please preview the content before giving your child access. Current news may contain material that your young child may find disturbing or may not understand. 

At home, use your child’s natural curiosity as a guide for selecting nonfiction text. Great nonfiction gets kids asking questions! Kids also like to read about real people facing challenges that they can relate to in their own lives. Find opportunities to read about and/or discuss the qualities of people faced with situations that were not so easy to overcome. Outstanding visuals, i.e. detailed diagrams, graphs, and charts, often make the difference between a text that falls flat and one that grabs your child’s attention from the start. Photographs, in particular, can help illuminate a given topic and make the story come to life.

Taking time to focus on current events and real-world topics allows children to find out more about an area of interest and use it as a springboard to explore and understand the world around them. We hope you will take advantage of the many resources available to support your child’s interest in this area.