Website Evaluation

                    Website Evaluation Activity 1:

Directions: You and your partner are doing research on strange and exotic animals.  Check out the website below and determine if this a good resource for your report.

                           Website: The Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus

Website Evaluation Activity 2:                        

Directions:   Look at the two sites below, which would you use if you had to make a Google presentation on an European Explorer that came to North America?

                       Site 1:  European Explorers     Site 2: European Explorers

                   Website Evaluation Activity 3:  

Directions:  Use your website evaluation checklist to determine which website you would choose to use for research on each topic. Eva


Website 1

Website 2

Persian Cats

Persian Cats 1

Persian Cats 2


Rainbows 1

Rainbows 2


Moon 1

Moon 2

Created by: Jane Kablaoui