Flipped Videos and Homework

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Most homework assignments will be given nightly (Monday - Thursday) in language arts and math. Students will have a homework sheet with their assignments.  All homework assignments and activities will be listed on the weekly calendar sheet that is sent home.

Special Activities: CVC Words!

Starting in November, the children will be learning about CVC (consonant-vowel-consonant) words to help them build a foundation of spelling and reading. To begin this exciting step, your child will be coming home with a CVC board and cards to practice with during the week. The children will need to match a letter card to each sound in the picture and arm spell the word.
 = bed   Arm Spell: /b/ /e/ /d/ = bed    
 b      e      d

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Flipped Videos: The videos include a review of the color of the week as well as the letters that are reviewed during the week. Please have your child review these videos for practice at home.