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Daily Warmup

REMINDER:  Students have 4 minutes to change out of their school clothes and into their PE clothes at the beginning/end of class.  The first whistle (#2 below) indicates that warmups have begun.  If you start warmups late, your participation grade may be affected.

Once you have changed into your Phys Ed clothes and enter the gym:
  1. Walk around the gym
  2. First whistle - high knees (skip)
  3. Second whistle - high kicks
  4. Third whistle - karaoke step (sideways)
  5. Fourth whistle - timed run
    • 60 seconds in September - 30 second increase every month until June
  6. Fifth whistle - sit in squads and stretch, pushups & situps
    • 5 pushups and 10 situps in September (increase 1 pushup and 2 situps every month)

If you are struggling to complete these daily warmups, practice at home a few days every week.