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Teacher's Guide to Teaching with Videos

There is a growing fissure between what education used to be in the 20th century and what  it turns out to be in the 21st century. While what students learn has remained broadly the same but the ' how ' they learn it is changing rapidly as technology advances. There emerged a transformative kind of technology which not only reshape our perceptions about instruction and teaching but also created a new learning mode easily accessible to students .

The rise of educational learning videos is giving students access to the world's greatest thinkers and educators , leveling the playing field for all. The inclusion of video materials in teaching is also another way to get students engaged and arouse their motivation about what they are learning. Visual stimulants can easily excite the brain cells and thus generate attention, an element which every teacher struggles to meet in their teaching objectives.

Given this huge importance of videos in education, it becomes teachers responsibility to look for educational videos to use in the classroom. This is not an easy task for sure as the net is teeming with spam websites  that can eat away all you time while searching for videos but several educators including the writer of these lines have already provided lists of trusted video resources for teachers.We will go over some of these lists below but we will also empower those of you who want to create their own videos and tutorials, with free tools and web services that can help you do that.

First watch this video to see the importance of videos in education

1- Educational Video Resources for Teachers :

2- Free Web Tools for Teachers to Create Videos and Tutorials :