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When I lead workshops or give presentations I typically don't distribute handouts in paper form. Instead I just give the link to my digital resources for that day's presentation or workshop. Recently, I have started to deviate from that policy just a little bit. Now I like to place printed QR codes in a dozen or so locations in theroom. Those QR codes are linked to my slides and digital handouts. I started doing this because often people would miss the links when they're just on a slide at the beginning and end of the presentation. This way people can scan the QR codes with their phones and tablets and have instant access to the resources for the day. Distributing those QR codes before the presentation also creates a good segue into conversations about what QR codes are and how they can be used in schools. Here is a brief video I use to explain QR codes...

For an in-depth look at QR Codes in the Classroom the video below is from ISTE and is great for Crackin' the Code!

QR Code Readers 

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Mobile device readers

Web browser plug-ins

QR Code Generators

Web-based and desktop tools

Web browser plug-ins

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Fun with QR Codes
Additional Resources

The QR Code Treasure Hunt Generator will walk you through each step of creating QR codes for use in your classroom. The QR Code Treasure Hunt Generator also offers some examples of using QR code treasure hunts in classroom.

QR Codes in the Classroom