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Election Day

The video to the left is from Dwight D. Eisenhower's 1952 campaign.  Compare and contrast past and present campaign videos and/or have your students work in groups to create campaign commercials using tools like Animoto, WeVideo, or Pixorial.   iPads, Microphones and other equipment is available.  We even have a green screen and studio equipped with virtual campaign sets.  Ask for support!

Play the Election - Games for Learning About the U.S. Presidential Election

Play the Election from Rand McNally is a 
collection of games and lessons for learning and teaching about the 2012 U.S. Presidential Election. Play the Election has three main sections that 
                                                                       teachers should check out.

An interactive Electoral College map provides students with a current view of polling information and the number of Electoral College votes up for grabs in each state. Students can click on each state to see the current polling data for that state. Students will also find current news stories about the U.S. Presidential campaigns when they click on the states. To get some historical perspective students can view the results of each election going back to 1960.

In Play the Election Game Central you will find eleven educational games about the 2012 U.S. Presidential Election. My favorite set of games in Game Central isState by State. In the State by State games students learn about the issues important to voters of various states. To find this information students click through interactive mini-infographics. After reading about the important issues students vote on which candidate they think will win, which candidate they think should win, and which issues are of the most importance in that state. Right now there are only four states open in the game, but more are on the way.

The third aspect of Play the Election that teachers should note is the Classroom Manager. In the Classroom Manager teachers can find lesson plans about the 2012 U.S. Presidential Election. The lesson plans are aligned to Common Core standards. Teachers can also use Classroom Manager to see the statistics for the games their students play (students have to register and log-in as class members).

Visit NBC Learn “Decision 2012” for NBC News videos from the current campaign and past election cycles, plus cross-curricular resources including Weekly Thought Starters and an Election Math collection highlighting the mathematics of presidential elections

Ad-O-Matic - Create Your Own Campaign Ad

The National Constitution Center currently offers a neat little tool called Adomatic for creating personal campaign ads. To create your campaign commercial enter your name, upload or take a picture of yourself, select a political party, select three campaign issues important to you, then let the tool render a video for you.

The Adomatic party options are Republican, Democrat, and Great New Party. When you create your video if you choose Republican or Democrat your video will be generally representative of the party's platform. The Great New Party renders a spoof video. I've embedded my sample video below (I uploaded a picture of my dog's face instead of my own).

Road to the White House Game, Maps, and Scholastic News

Scholastic's Election 2012 is a nice set of resources through which elementary and middle school students can learn about various aspects of the 2012 Presidential Election. Election 2012 prominently features student-friendly articles about the Republican primaries and caucuses. Before you have your students read those articles you might want to have them take advantage of some of the other resources provided by Scholastic's Election 2012.

Scholastic's Election 2012 Q&A page offers short answers to common questions like, "what is a primary?" and "what is Super Tuesday?" After going over those questions and answers with your students they can test their recall of that information by playing the On the Road to the White House Game which is based on the Election 2012 Q&A.