General Skills
Regardless of the subject area, there are many common technology skills students will need to successfully take the next-generation online assessments. Below are resources that will help students understand and practice these general skills.

If you know of other appropriate resources, please submit them through our form here. Submissions will be reviewed and added to the collection.

Test Specific Skills
  • Link - PARCC Test Tutorial - demonstration of the navigation, tools, and accessibility features available in the PARCC assessment system
  • LInk - Ohio Online Field Test Tutorials - videos showing how to use parts of the Ohio Online Tests including simulations, objects and lines, constructed response, and multiple choice - Requires Flash

Multimedia Skills

Students need to be able to use an online video player to play, pause, and scan through a video. Below are some sources of online videos.
  • Link - INFOhio PreK-12 Digital Library - available to all Ohio K-12 schools at no cost to districts, educators or students
  • Link - YouTube Primary and Secondary Education - Free educational videos for schools
  • Link - Teacher Tube - Free educational videos for schools

Text Input Skills

Students need to be able to enter text in a text box, much like using a word processor. There are many online resources that allow students to enter text. Some examples are listed below. Note: for skills specific to learning how to type, see our Keyboarding page.
  • Link - Google Documents - This is Google's free web-based word processing program.
  • Link - Printing Press - This is a site good for younger children that allows them to create newspapers, brochures, posters, and more (ReadWriteThink) - Requires Flash

Highlighting Skills

Students need to be able to highlight specific portions of text. Below are some tools that can be used to practice this skill.
  • Link - Simple Highlighter - This Chrome extension allows the user to highlight webpage text in different colors, read the text aloud, add notes, collect all highlights and notes on a new page, and more.
  • Link - Diigo Annotation Tool - This browser plugin allows students to annotate the text on a web page, including the ability to highlight selected text in various colors.

Mouse Skills

Students need to be proficient with using a mouse, including clicking and dragging and dropping. Below are some tools that can be used to practice these skills.
  • Link - Mouse Skill Resources - This is a collection of dozens of interactive sites to help young children practice mouse skills in fun ways. Some sites Require Flash
  • Link - MiniMouse Games - This is a collection of simple but fun games for young children designed to teach basic mouse skills such as clicking, dragging, and more. Requires Flash
  • Link - Mouse Program Practice - Simple site for kids to practice clicking, scrolling, dragging and dropping, and more.

General Resources