Mrs. Diana Whille

School Counselor, Anti-Bullying Specialist

Contact me!  732-431-5460, ext. 1107 or dwhille@freeholdtwp.k12.nj.us

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Lunch Bunches

Grades 2-5

-a small group session designed to boost self-esteem, improve social skills, and increase peer relations.   Lunch Bunch also gives me, the school counselor, the opportunity to spend time with every student in the school and build a trusting relationship. Everyone will attend at least one Lunch Bunch, and activities will focus on a variety of topics related to the academic, career, and personal/social development of ALL students.

Kindergarten Snack Pack

-a first time visit to the school counselor's office!  I will introduce myself to our kindergarten students as a friend, helper, listener, and problem solver.  

First Grade Buddy Bunch

-a small group designed to help first grade students learn the meaning and responsibilities of friendship.  Buddy Bunch lessons will consist of activities that not only teach friendship skills, but allow group members to become better acquainted with each other and show appreciation for each other’s differences.  

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Please contact me if you are interested in participating in the following support groups this year!

Grade 2 Social Butterflies

-a support group intended to teach kids how to interact

appropriately with peers, to control their emotions, and to

understand other people’s perspectives.  The following topics will

be addressed through meaningful and engaging hands-on


  • teamwork and sharing
  • asking for help
  • accepting "No" as an answer
  • listening to others and following directions
  • controlling emotions
  • using social filters

    Grade 3 Stressbusters

- a support group designed to help students improve their coping skills and reactions to stress. The following topics will be addressed through meaningful and engaging hands-on activities:

  • understanding and managing stress 
  • recognizing triggers and symptoms
  • changing thoughts and perceptions
  • stress-reduction practices

                                    Stay tuned for more...............