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School / District


  • Liars and Posers™ is a tool created for the population you serve:

    • Youth needing Guidance Curriculum

    • At Risk Youth

      • Runaways

      • Foster Youth

      • Homeless Youth

      • Youth with Special Needs

      • Youth with histories of abuse and neglect

    • Parents

Liars and Posers in schools

  • Who needs Liars and Posers™ training and  in the school?

    • Educators

    • School Social Workers

    • School Counselors

    • School Nurses

    • On Campus Police Officers

    • After School Care Workers

    • School Administrators, Guidance and Counseling Directors,  and other school personnel

    • Personnel who provides Guidance Curriculum or Training to Youth on issues of Safety, including CyberSafety.

    • Personnel who provide training to Parents, such as Parent Involvement Facilitators, Family Specialists, etc.

Why is Liars and Posers™ Training and Licensing Important in Schools?

Professionals in our school districts encounter children and parents in vast amounts and from varying demographics. School professionals have the opportunity to positively influence the lives of children and parents through prevention tactics. Many of the children within our school systems are at risk of exploitation or already experiencing abuse and exploitation.  School professionals are charged with the responsibility to identify and intervene on behalf of at risk, and/or exploited youth.

“Sex traffickers target children because of their vulnerability and gullibility, as well as the market demand for young victims. Those who recruit minors into prostitution violate federal anti-trafficking laws, even if there is no coercion or movement across state lines. The children at risk are not just high school students; studies demonstrate that pimps prey on victims as young as 12. Traffickers have been reported targeting their minor victims through telephone chat-lines, clubs, on the street, through friends, and at malls, as well as using girls to recruit other girls at schools and after school.” 

(U.S. Department of Education, 2007)

Because of the high sensitivity issues surrounding human trafficking, it is necessary to receive certification in all three seminar areas of the training program: Youth, Parents, and Public Awareness. Completing all three seminars will equip you with the knowledge you need to move forward as you begin your presentations.  Certification means that you can officially present the Liars and Posers™ Seminars, within the parameters of your Licensed organization.

  • What the training covers:

    • What is Liars and Posers

    • Becoming a Certified LnP Consultant

    • Getting Started

    • How to Promote Liars and Posers

    • Scheduling Training

    • Preparing for Trainings and Presentations

    • Delivering Training

    • Group Activities for Youth

    • Follow-up to Training

    • Your online Presence

    • Future Plans for Liars and Posers™

Courseware/ Materials/ Handouts               

Liars and Posers™ training comes equipped with a Training Notebook, and access to Presentations for Youth, for Parents, and for use in the community in the form of a Public Awareness Presentation. It also includes online resources. In addition, resources are available to LnP Certified Consultants for purchase, including Liars and Posers™ flyers, Posters, Table Display Items, and Brochures for Youth.

Addresses at-risk behaviors

Traffickers are sophisticated and skilled con artists; they identify potential targets via

in-person encounters or through online devices such as social media sites. Traffickers approach identified targets and use deception as an attempt to create a relationship with the target individual(s). Following deception and a fictitious relationship with the target, traffickers manipulate, coerce, and force the targeted individual into a vicious cycle of sexual exploitation and abuse. Traffickers rely on the vulnerability and naivety of this demographic; Liars and Posers™ provides youth participants with skills to detect the red flags of deception and ways to become less appealing target to potential traffickers.

Provides valuable survival and life skills

Liars and Posers™ training for youth applies evidenced based research and findings to a prevention focused modality oriented for youth 10-18 years of age. All information generated in this training is presented with youth oriented content, graphics, and format.

Deception used by traffickers can manifest in a variety of ways.  The training not only provides participating youth with awareness and knowledge pertinent to Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking, but also offers a comprehensive guide to self-protection, and survival skills. The training teaches youth participants about the main identified red flags of deception, identified target indicators, and applicable changes and decisions that will minimize the potential for becoming a target. It dispels misconceptions about human trafficking,, explicating the strategic endeavours of traffickers in face to face and online encounters.

Covers cyber safety/ Provides skills for identifying online predatory behavior

Liars and Posers™ covers the red flags of the most common “in person” and “online” strategies for deception used by traffickers. Cyber safety is carefully examined in a section of Liars and Posers™ and addresses risky online behavior.

The topic of Cyber Safety is highlighted under the P.O.S.E.R.S. section of the Liars and Posers™ training. It provides youth with an easy to remember mnemonic device. It addresses deception tactics used by online predators to lure their victims into sex trafficking and provides youth with online prevention strategies to protect against becoming victims.

Provides youth with skills for identifying in-person predatory behavior

Stranger Danger, although still applicable, does not cover the extensive nature of traffickers. Traffickers identify potential targets, approach, and deceive. Because traffickers not only manifest in a broad spectrum of settings as a fabricated entity, but also come from an array of backgrounds, we cannot teach our youth what a trafficker looks like. Rather we provide our youth with skills for identifying predatory behavior.

Teaches how to spot a "fake friend"

We have substituted “Stranger Danger” with a more accurate descriptor-- “Peer Fear.” Peer Fear is a form of trafficking used by teens to lure other teens into the world of human trafficking.  They will do this by pretending to be a best friend. Once they have gained a peer’s trust, they will casually begin to mention selling sex for money. They will make sex trafficking appear to be some glamorous lifestyle with parties, no rules and lots of money. Lots of times, teens who are trying to lure other teens are already being trafficked themselves, and are being forced by their traffickers to lure in new victims.  The consequences of not doing so would be severe violence and beatings.

Identifying a fake friend is a critical strategy for protecting oneself from becoming a victim of sex trafficking. Friends who try and succeed in getting youth to engage in risky behaviors, such as drinking or using drugs, are not friends at all, but rather fake friends.  Hanging out with fake friends who engage in bad behavior puts youth not only at risk for being influenced, but it can also put youth in bad situations in which they could be approached by traffickers.

Liars and Posers™ will teach youth the difference between fake friends and real friends.

This means teaching youth how to differentiate between a friend who is real and genuine and a fake friend who is only pretending to be a friend.