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Foster Community

Who needs Liars and Posers™ Training and Certification?

    • Foster Youth

    • Foster Care Caseworkers, Supervisors, and Program Directors

    • Social Workers

    • Counselors

    • Residential Treatment Personnel

    • Group Home Personnel

    • Shelter Personnel

    • Therapists providing services to Foster Youth or Youth in Long Term Care Facilities

    • Foster Parent Trainers and Providers of Continuing Education

    • Professionals/Para-professionals

    • Foster Parents

    • CASA workers/volunteers

    • Caretakers and Respite Personnel

Why is Liars and Posers™ training and certification important to the foster community?

Many children within the foster care system are at a high risk for being  trafficked. A NACO (National Association of Counties) survey has found that there is a connection between sex trafficking and children in the foster care system, as well as children who live in group homes or children who have been involved in child-abuse cases. (The Problem of Human Sex Trafficking in America, April 2014) Findings from this survey report highlight the importance of teaching all persons who may come in contact with children in the foster care system, or in related areas, how to identify foster children who are being trafficked or who may be at risk for being trafficked. The only way to stop the flow of new victims is to be aware of the signs and red flags and provide youth with methods of prevention.

Source:(NACo survey report)

Liars and Posers™ provides the foster care community with prevention tools that have been developed and researched over a span of two years

FYP staff and volunteers devoted over two years to researching and developing prevention strategies to teach youth how to recognize the deception traffickers employ to lead youth into the "trafficked life."

"All trafficking begins with deception.

The best way to prevent someone from becoming a victim

is to teach him/her to instantly recognize deception

when it happens face-to-face and online."

The deception and manipulation skills traffickers often employ would make you think they have had advanced psychological training.  They are so good at it, abduction into "the life" of being trafficked is passive.  Victims almost always go willingly from a safe location to somewhere else, where they are trapped.

While the information presented doesn’t shy away from tough facts, the purpose is not to frighten but to empower. Empowerment is provided through teaching of choices and recognition of danger signs.

Liars and Posers™ provides insight into why foster youth are vulnerable targets for human trafficking

Liars and Posers™ highlights risk factors pertaining to why foster youth are vulnerable targets for being trafficked and identifies ways in which adults and guardians can help protect against and identify those who are being trafficked. It’s important for parents, guardians, and those working with foster youth to understand that foster youth are an especially vulnerable target for traffickers. Many foster youth suffer from problems internally. As a result, traffickers will use this vulnerability to their advantage to lure the foster youth into the life of sex trafficking. Understanding the needs of foster youth, and learning to identify risk factors, could make the difference in helping to save a child or teenager from becoming a victim. 

Liars and Posers™ for Youth

Freedom Youth Project Foundation has designed a training specifically for youth that highlights methods of prevention, how to identify traffickers, the importance of smart choices and how to be able to spot a “fake friend.” The purpose of this training is to teach foster youths to protect themselves against becoming victims of human trafficking.