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Faith Community

God has an amazing plan for the lives of our youth. In Jeremiah 29:11 it reads:  "For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."

"The community you serve will always be at higher risk

of exploitation until someone like you, who has their trust,

teaches them how to recognize deception.

Who needs Liars and Posers™ training and certification in the faith community?

    • Christian Educators

    • Youth Ministers

    • Directors and Pastors working with children and teens

    • School Chaplains

    • Key volunteers working with preteens and teenagers

Why does the faith community need to become engaged in protecting children and teens from human trafficking?

Pastors, leaders, and volunteers working directly with youth have unique positions of influence in teens’ lives. In many cases, a youth worker has built a trusting relationship with the teens and parents in his/her community. Since Liars and Posers™ is most effectively taught to teens through trusted adults, we need partners in the faith community to use their influential roles to empower teens to protect themselves and each other from exploitation.

Liars and Posers™ provides prevention tools that have been developed and researched over a span of two years

FYP staff and volunteers devoted over two years to researching and developing prevention strategies to teach youth how to recognize the deception Traffickers employ to lead youth into the "trafficked life."

"All trafficking begins with deception.

The best way to prevent someone from becoming a victim

is to teach him/her to instantly recognize deception

when it happens face-to-face and online."

The deception and manipulation skills traffickers often employ would make you think they have had advanced psychological training.  They are so good at it, abduction into "the life" of being trafficked is passive.  Victims almost always go willingly from a safe location to somewhere else, where they are trapped.

While the information presented doesn’t shy away from tough facts, the purpose is not to frighten but to empower. Empowerment is provided through teaching of choices and recognition of danger signs.

What makes an attractive target?

There are two major factors that contribute to making youth attractive targets: Choices and Situations. Choices indicates decisions made by youth that puts them at risk for becoming targets of human trafficking. While Situations indicates a set of circumstances that children can be born into or experiences that are beyond their control which in turn puts them at risk for becoming targets for human trafficking. Other contributing factors can include a history of foster care, issues regarding low self-esteem, naivete and lack of public awareness.

We cannot make the path safe but we can help prepare young people for the world and train and equip them for the journey of life

Because a trafficker can be anyone (male, female, young, old, fake friend, student, etc.) we must equip young people with the knowledge to be able to identify traffickers, not by what traffickers looks like, but by how traffickers talk, act, manipulate, and coerce victims into sex trafficking. Many victims of sex trafficking are unknowingly taken in by someone who they believe to be a friend and someone they can trust. This is why it is so critical for children and teens to learn survival and life skills, to learn the importance of smart choices and sounds judgments, and to learn the difference between real friends and fake friends.

Liars and Posers™ teaches youth to understand survival and life skills

Acquiring survival and life skills are two essential components of early childhood and teenage development. Liars and Posers™ teaches youth basic skills that will help them navigate through life’s tough courses. The survival and life skills taught in these prevention training are essential in teaching youth how to navigate through situations involving human trafficking.

Liars and Posers™ teaches youth the importance of smart choices and how to make sound judgments

One of the most important aspects of Liars and Posers™ is teaching youth how to make smart choices. As part of our Liars and Posers™ training we teach youth the importance of learning how to make smart choices, and how incorporating these smart choices can mean the difference between becoming a victim and not becoming a victim. Teaching youth to identify red flags will allow them to make smart choices and sound judgments about who they can trust and who they can’t trust. The purpose of Liars and Posers™ is to empower youth. Empowerment is provided through teaching of choices and recognition of danger signs.

Liars and Posers™ teaches youth skills and techniques for protecting themselves against traffickers

Liars and Posers™ teaches youth deception tactics used by traffickers, identifiers for potential traffickers, prevention methods for protecting against trafficking, and the importance of letting parents and guardians know where they will be at all times. Adapting these skills will help keep youth safe and help protect them against becoming victims.

Liars and Posers™ teaches youth how to spot a "fake friend"

We have substituted “Stranger Danger” with a more accurate descriptor-- “Peer Fear.” Peer Fear is a form of trafficking used by teens to lure other teens into the world of human trafficking.  They will do this by pretending to be a best friend. Once they have gained a peer’s trust, they will casually begin to mention selling sex for money. They will make sex trafficking appear to be some glamorous lifestyle with parties, no rules and lots of money. Lots of times, teens who are trying to lure other teens are already being trafficked themselves, and are being forced by their traffickers to lure in new victims.  The consequences of not doing so would be severe violence and beatings.

Identifying a fake friend is a critical strategy for protecting oneself from becoming a victim of sex trafficking. Friends who try and succeed in getting youth to engage in risky behaviors, such as drinking or using drugs, are not friends at all, but rather fake friends.  Hanging out with fake friends who engage in bad behavior puts youth not only at risk for being influenced, but it can also put youth in bad situations in which they could be approached by traffickers.

Liars and Posers™ will teach youth the difference between fake friends and real friends. This means teaching youth how to differentiate between a friend who is real and genuine and a person who is only pretending to be a friend.