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Training to be Liars and Posers™ consultant

As a consultant, it is essential to know the facts and figures surrounding human trafficking. As a Liars and Posers™ consultant, we will provide you with the tools that will best help you utilize your role as a consultant.

Why Liars and Posers™ training and certification is important

Because of the high sensitivity issues surrounding human trafficking, it is necessary to receive certification in all three seminar areas of the training program: Youth, Parents, and Public Awareness. Completing all three seminars will equip you with the knowledge you need to move forward as you begin your presentations.

  • What the training covers:

    • What is Liars and Posers

    • Becoming a Certified LnP Consultant

    • Getting Started

    • How to Promote Liars and Posers

    • Scheduling Training

    • Preparing for Trainings and Presentations

    • Delivering Training

    • Group Activities for Youth

    • Follow-up to Training

    • Your Online Presence

    • Future Plans for Liars and Posers

Liars and Posers™ consultants are provided with ready-made courseware, training materials, and handouts

Liars and Posers™ training comes equipped with a Training Notebook, and access to Presentations for Youth, for Parents, and for use in the community in the form of a Public Awareness Presentation. It also includes online resources. In addition, supplies are available to LnP Certified Consultants for purchase, including Liars and Posers™ flyers, Posters, Table Display Posters, and Brochures for Youth.

What does certification mean?

Certification means that you can officially present the Liars and Posers™ Seminars, within the parameters of your Licensed organization. As a consultant, you will be provided with access to Liars and Posers™ Powerpoint trainings. You are free to present Liars and Posers™ to any persons of the general public. The individual’s certification is not dependent on an affiliation with any organization.

Research and Development

FYP staff and volunteers devoted over two years to researching and developing prevention strategies to teach youth how to recognize the deception Traffickers employ to lead youth into the "trafficked life."

"All trafficking begins with deception.

The best way to prevent someone from becoming a victim

is to teach him/her to instantly recognize deception

when it happens face-to-face and online."

The deception and manipulation skills traffickers often employ would make you think they have had advanced psychological training.  They are so good at it, abduction into "the life" of being trafficked is passive.  Victims almost always go willingly from a safe location to somewhere else, where they are trapped.

While the information presented doesn’t shy away from tough facts, the purpose is not to frighten but to empower. Empowerment is provided through teaching of choices and recognition of danger signs.