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Liars and Posers™ is a tool created for the population you serve

"The community you serve will always be at higher risk

of exploitation until someone like you, who has their trust,

teaches them how to recognize deception.

Gives your agency the ability to begin educating youth on the issue of human trafficking

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of intervention. Utilizing the Liars and Posers™ training equips professionals with the ability to detect red flags and to educate the youth they are serving on DMST facts and protection skills through a youth focused training modality.

Gives your agency the opportunity to develop relationships in the community

Sex trafficking is a complicated and rampant occurrence in our cities, on our streets, and in our backyards. This is an issue that impacts all communities. Public awareness and education is an essential element in the abolition of human trafficking. Liars and Posers™ is a comprehensive training module for professionals, parents, and youth. Agencies that employ professionals certified to present Liars and Posers™ have the opportunity for community engagement. Certified Liars and Posers™ presenters are able to provide the Liars and Posers™ training to other community partners and agencies. Combatting the vicious cycle of trafficking requires interdisciplinary collaboration; becoming a Certified Liars and Posers™ trainer will equip you or your agency with the ability to facilitate such needed collaboration.

Gives your agency an active role in protecting the community's youth

Becoming a Certified Liars and Posers™ trainer will be valuable to your community’s youth. Liars and Posers™ training for youth applies evidenced based research and findings to a prevention focused modality oriented for youth 12-18 years of age. All information generated in this training is presented with youth oriented content, graphics, and format. The training not only provides participating youth with awareness and knowledge pertinent to Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking, but also offers a comprehensive guide to self-protection, and survival skills. The training teaches youth participants about the main identified red flags of deception, identified target indicators, and applicable changes and decisions that will minimize the risk for becoming a target.

Gives your agency the chance to open the door for relationships, investments, and donations

Using Liars and Posers™ to reach out to the community highlights what your agency does to protect the community from human trafficking. It gives you the opportunity to build relationships with other agencies, organizations, potential clients, interns, and volunteers and opens the door for donation and investment opportunities.