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Liars and Posers™ is a tool created for the population you serve. 
Agency  -  Consultant  -  Faith Community  -  School/District

When you become an LnP Community Prevention Partner, you become more than just a trainer -  
you become a world changer.

Connecting with law enforcement, universities and working with volunteers we have spent thousands of hours studying the Who, What, When, Why and How of Human Trafficking in the U.S.  While reviewing information from cases all over the nation, we spent time looking for trends and patterns to help us develop solutions to this very complex issue.  We have discovered there is a Life Cycle of Human Trafficking which reveals "how traffickers approach, connect and deceive" victims into going willingly with them.   We have also developed  a revolutionary prevention program to teach youth how to recognize the kind of deception used to deceive thousands of victims a year.

From our research,  we have developed systems, tools, presentations and trainings for a diverse group of stakeholders including the FYP Community Prevention Partners (C.P.P.) program.

Our goal with the C.P.P. program is to build a community of individuals who are passionate about creating a slave-free world.

The C.P.P. program offers licenses in the following areas:

Who should become a certified C.P.P?

  • Someone who works (or volunteers) for an organization or agency that has decided to license Liars and Posers™ and serves a population that would benefit greatly by receiving human trafficking prevention training.  This includes youth that are target age, homeless youth, foster youth, at-risk youth and parents of youth.

  • Someone who has identified a need in their community to establish a trafficking prevention initiative aimed at target aged youth and parents.

"The community you serve will always be at higher risk

of exploitation until someone like

you, who has their trust,

teaches them how to recognize deception.

How do I become a certified C.P.P.?

To become a certified C.P.P., you must attend an LnP Certification Training. Certification training is a train-the-trainer workshop designed to prepare participants to facilitate leader led Liars and Posers™ trainings. These certification trainings can be held in group settings with participants from other agencies/organizations, or held exclusively for staff in private settings. Typically, certification training is held in San Antonio, TX. For larger trainings, Freedom Youth Project Foundation does offer on-site training, at your location, for additional fees and travel expenses.

To apply to become an FYP Community Prevention Partner, click below.