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Why Prevention Matters


The Importance of Prevention

Prevention is a critical element of any strategy to abolish human trafficking.   Victims have a limited “shelf-life” for exploitation and they are used until they are discarded. Many victims do not get out with their lives.  Traffickers are in a continuous recruitment mode for new victims who have greater resale value.  Prevention becomes even more important when you factor in the extremely low rescue rate of victims.

The current rescue rate for victims is less than ½ of 1 percent. -FBI

For every one thousand victims of trafficking, less than 5 are identified. State Department, TIP Report, 2012

Freedom Youth Project Foundation has developed connections and collaborative relations with all the agencies and components involved in combating Human Trafficking, including federal/state/local  law enforcement, prosecution, juvenile probation, legislators, professionals and service providers, and sexual abuse victims.  

Our prevention initiative project spanned many cases from all over the nation.  It included documenting the many ways that Traffickers approach, connect and deceive their victims as well as trafficking details related to deception, manipulation, fraud and abduction .  By reviewing a large sample of cases, it was possible to identify patterns used by traffickers.  The result was the Liars and Posers™ system developed for youth to teach them how to protect themselves by detecting deception.

Our research goes far beyond understanding human trafficking, as well as including best practices in designing prevention training for youth.  Because Liars and Posers™ is first and foremost prevention training, we had to identify the behaviors and choices that put youth at risk.   True prevention training incorporates:


  • Learning choices that make youth targets.

  • Recognizing a friend from a fake-friend.

  • Recognizing manipulation.  

  • Simple system for detecting deception.


  • Detecting deception.

  • Disconnecting when approached.

  • Using the internet and social media safely.