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Please consider donating to support our work.  We utilize a mostly volunteer organization and have limited funding from grants.  It is not possible to do our work without public support.  We need your help.  DONATE

How Your Gift or Donation Will Be Put To Work

Your Gift or Donation can make a difference. Together we can make sure that services for victims in crisis with complex needs are being met by trained professionals who will be using proven treatment and intervention modalities designed to give each child a chance at a future.

"If you were to ask 100 rescued victims of child sex-trafficking where they see themselves in 10 years, just about all of them would say they wont be alive then.  Sadly, the average victim of child sex-trafficking is an American girl aged 12 to 14 with an average lifespan, after enslavement, of 7 years."

These victims deserve the best treatment possible by a multidisciplinary team who understands the specific treatment protocols that have proven and repeatable positive results.

Currently, the efforts to provide treatment for victims is lagging far behind the efforts to rescue victims. In a nation with over 100,000 victims of child sex-trafficking, there are currently less than 300 treatment beds in facilities designed to provide services to them.

While there is a growing interest in meeting the need for services and treatment for these victims, currently there are no research-based treatment models with established standards-of-care required to be a provider of services.

Your Donation:

Freedom Youth Project Foundation is a corporation organized for non-profit 501(c)3 and operates solely on private and public funding from gifts from organizations and people like you.  If you agree that American minor victims deserve treatment and restoration from facilities with proven treatment and intervention methods, please help us build the model with proven and repeatable results which can be used to provide training and assistance to organizations who are providing services.

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