About Liars and Posers™

Freedom Youth Project Foundation announces an initiative aimed at combating Human Trafficking through prevention training designed specifically for high target victims. In America, Human Trafficking affects adults and minors, and can exist in the form of labor or sex-trafficking. The single largest demographic affected is girls 12 - 14 years of age. Boys, in this same age group, comprise about 20 percent of underage victims.

Over Three Years in the Making -- Over three years was devoted to developing prevention strategies to teach youth how to recognize the deception Traffickers employ to lead youth into the "trafficked life."

"All trafficking begins with deception. 
The best way to prevent someone from becoming a victim 
is to teach them to instantly recognize deception 
when it happens face-to-face and online." 

The deception and manipulation skills traffickers often employ would make you think they have had advanced psychological training. They are so good at it, abduction into "the life" of being trafficked is passive. Victims almost always go willingly from a safe location to somewhere else, where they are trapped.

While the information presented doesn’t shy away from tough facts, the purpose is not to frighten but to empower. Empowerment is provided through the teaching of choices and recognition of danger signs. 

Training meant for adults is typically loaded with bullet points, facts and statistics, which are ineffective with youth. Liars and Posers™ was specifically designed with youth in mind. Youth have more of a sound-byte attention-span. This training utilizes what we call "discussion clouds" as seen on the first and second images below. Discussion clouds encourage participants to "seek" and "discover" information which is presented in more of a discussion format. Facts and Statistics actually fly-in to the screen in a sort of "information-byte" format using what we call "Snippits" and "Factoids." In addition, Liars and Posers™ incorporates actual video footage of victims discussing "how it happened to me," which makes the issue real and provides first-person perspective.

"Traffickers rely exclusively on the pool of naive targets 
to find their next victims. Liars and Posers™ transforms youth 
from being naive easy targets into savvy difficult targets."

How it works

Liars and Posers™ utilizes mnemonic device to create an easy to remember system when out in the "real-world." The words L.I.A.R.S. (and) P.O.S.E.R.S. are acronym words in which each letter stands for a Red Flag of Deception. L.I.A.R.S. are the first letters of red flags one would recognize in face-to- face encounters with a predator. P.O.S.E.R.S. are the first letters of red flags of deception used when encountering a predator online, such as with social media or in chat rooms. Liars and Posers™ also teaches how choices impact how attractive someone is as a target. Since its initial development, versions of Liars and Posers™ training have been adapted for foster youth, foster parents, educators, and social service professionals.

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