Liars and Posers™ is a tool created for the population you serve. 
Agency  -  Consultant  -  Faith Community  -  School / District

When you become an LnP Community Prevention Partner, you become more than just a trainer -  
you become a world changer.

IMG_2071.JPGConnecting with law enforcement, universities and working with volunteers we have spent thousands of hours studying the Who, What, When, Why and How of Human Trafficking in the U.S.  While reviewing information from cases all over the nation, we spent time looking for trends and patterns to help us develop solutions to this very complex issue.  

We have discovered there is a Life Cycle of Human Trafficking which reveals "how traffickers approach, connect and deceive" victims into going willingly with them. We have also developed a revolutionary prevention program to teach youth how to 
recognize the kind of deception used to deceive thousands of victims a year. From our research,  we have developed systems, tools, presentations and trainings for a diverse group of stakeholders including the Community Prevention Partners (C.P.P.) program. Within the C.P.P. program, we offer licenses to agencies, consultants, faith communities, and school/districts.

Our goal with the C.P.P. program is to build a community of individuals who are passionate about creating a slave-free world.

What is Liars and Posers?

Easy to Learn, Remember & Use

Liars And PosersTM  utilizes mnemonic device to create an easy to remember system when out in the "real-world."  Read more


  • President's Message Empower the Children in Your Life.   The best way to  empower a community against human traffickers is to empower youth to become difficult targets.   We are so excited to see ...
    Posted Nov 18, 2016, 7:30 PM by Mary Lerma
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What Youth Are Saying

"(you have) given us great intel and really opened our eyes...encouraged us to help" -  Gabriel

"Very useful.  I now know what to do."   - J.S.

"Great way to empower and inform youth"  -  Ava