Mathematics Projects

Algebra I Projects:

Caching In 
Your division at Blackbeard’s Adventure Maps is looking to branch out into developing Geo-Cache Adventure maps.  These maps will combine the new Geo-Cache craze with the thrill of a treasure hunt and will be marketed to towns looking to bring in the public for promotion and tourism.  In order to gain approval and support for this new product, your division will make a presentation to the Board of Directors showcasing a proto-type course.

You are an environmental scientist hired by the United States government to advise them as they take steps to lead in a worldwide effort to face a global environmental crisis.  You will focus your research on the population growth rate and investigate the effect on a related item such as waste, food, disease, life expectancy/mortality rate, poverty, inflation or national debt.  Identify an issue related to the global situation, which exhibits characteristics of change that can be modeled by an exponential function.  Prepare a presentation that includes multiple representations of the data and well justified predictions using this data.

Due to overcrowding at Mountaineer High School, new portable classrooms have been added.  The new classrooms do not have wheelchair ramps.  New ramps need to be designed.  Your group is on the school improvement committee and has been asked to design these ramps. Your group should consider recommendations from wheelchair bound persons, available space, regulation codes, materials, and monetary constraints.  Your team will create a presentation that has a design/model for the ramps and a cost estimate for the design. That presentation will be made to the principal and the head of maintenance for the board of education.


Your employer, The Bee the Best Honey Company, is moving its production company to West Virginia. The CEO has asked your Human Resource Department to find three possible relocation areas that will be the most beneficial to the company and its employees’ current and future needs.  Your CEO expects a presentation with graphs, data, and reasoning to support your choices of recommended areas. Your findings will be given to the company board of directors, the employees, and their families. 

The local mall is adding three stores geared towards teenage styles called You Shoes, You Lose, Pants on Fire, and Hey, Your T-Shirt’s Funny.  Your team is a consultant group for one of the stores (you choose which store you will be consulting for).  The store you choose wants to know  what trends and styles interest the students in the area.  You are to collect data from the school population, find the probability of a given group of students wearing certain styles and give advice to the store about stocking different products.   You will present your activity to a local store owner.  You will be assessed by an activity-presentation rubric.
As recreation director for your town, you have been approached by several of the youth in your community about sponsoring a trip to an amusement park.  You are doing a feasibility study by checking information about three parks and three means of transportation, and by estimating cost per participant.  You and the members of your recreation committee are on the agenda of the next town council meeting to present your study and to make a recommendation for whether or not to sponsor a trip, and if so, the most cost-effective, yet fun trip to take.
You and a group of business partners are developing a special housing subdivision in which all of the houses are rectangular and have the same living area, determined by you, but which have a variety of dimensions.  Considering that the cost and visual appeal of the homes will vary depending on their perimeters, you need to create several different options from which prospective owners can choose.  You will prepare a presentation that includes: a formula that you used to create the options (allowing for others to create their own options with a desired area); an explanation of how you determined the maximum and minimum perimeters of the options; a diagram of, and advantages and disadvantages of several options; and an owner’s agreement.  This presentation will be made to a group of prospective homeowners, realtors, and financial experts.