The Gifted Program at Freedom Area School District is designed to enrich and challenge students who have been identified via a testing process to be gifted and talented.  Students may be referred for testing by either their parents or teachers.  Students are then evaluated by the school psychologist following the Pennsylvania Department of Education Guidelines for Gifted Education.  The Gifted Program serves students whose academic needs cannot be met within the realm of the regular classroom.  The Gifted Coordinator collaborates closely with the core teachers to provide a challenging and motivating program of study based on the students’ individual needs and interests.  The Gifted Program is a combination of whole-class instruction with extension of regular classroom lessons and supplemental opportunities to participate in extra-curricular activities and competitions outside of school. 

The Gifted Program is currently being expanded to include enrichment for students who may not be identified as gifted but who could benefit from opportunities to be challenged.  The Primary Education Thinking Skills Curriculum is used in first through fourth grade to provide small-group enrichment for high-achieving students.  Students are chosen for the enrichment groups based on specific criteria for each grade level. 

Students may also choose to participate in a variety of extra-curricular activities which are sponsored through the Gifted Program.  These activities may vary from year to year based on student interest and include Academic Games, Math 24, Forensics, Shakespeare Competition, and the Future City Competition.