This is a one stop shop that will provide access to the instructional technology resources that exist for teachers in the Freedom Area School District.   

Smart Notebook:  An overview of the program and a video library of tutorials for the beginner to intermediate user.

Google Classroom:  If you are interested in created an online presence for your classroom this will provide the foundation to make that happen.

Technology and Formative Assessment:  This section provides access to technology resources that will help you make formative assessment an integral part of your teaching process.

Flipped Classroom:  Have you thought of making a more active, engaging classroom and would like to reduce the amount of lecture, then you might be ready to flip.

Classroom Computer Stations:  This site provide some new ideas to increase the productivity of the classroom computer labs in the Elementary School.

Kindles and iPads in the Classroom:  Take advantage of the iPad and Kindle carts available in the elementary school.  Here are some ideas about getting started.

Power of the Google Form: One of the underutilized but valuable tools available in the Google Suite.  Create surveys, collect data, evaluate activities...Google Forms can do it all.