Affiliate Marketing


        What is Online Affiliate Marketing Program and how can you make money from it? You will know the secrets by reading on below. Affiliate marketing is often called as the best kind of online marketing available for starting or small businesses. This is because you don’t risk anything; you only pay or reward once you get a result. Therefore, you need not to pay your affiliates BEFORE a sale or referral. You only need to pay them once they give you sensible results.       Affiliate Marketing is a kind of marketing strategy wherein a company or business gives a reward to one or more of its affiliates. It uses websites to deliver traffic to another website. Therefore, affiliate marketing is a type of online marketing. Some rewards include cash or gifts. They get rewarded when they persuade an online retailer to avail of a promo, or even just by referring potential buyers to the product’s website.

       However, having an online affiliate marketing program isn’t all that easy. Below, I provide you tips on how to be successful in affiliate marketing.

1. Be patient.

One of the greatest battles of online affiliate marketing is patience. Often, you don’t get good results fast. It takes time.

Usually the rate of time good results come in depends on your affiliates’ performance. So, if you want to be successful in affiliate marketing, you must teach yourself to be patient.

Have you heard of the saying, “Good things come to those who wait”? It applies a lot to affiliate marketing.

2. Get affiliates from your niche market.

It is good to get affiliates from your niche market because simply, they can relate to the target market.

They share similar needs, wants and demographics. Remember, relationship is one of the keys to a successful business.

Getting affiliates from your niche market helps you to build a good relationship with your potential buyers, thus getting their trust into actually patronizing your service or product.

3. Take good care of your affiliates.

Lastly, it is important for you to have good relationships with your affiliates, too. Remember that their also in your niche market and you need to build a firm relationship with them.

Be sure to help your affiliates by giving them tips and advice on how to effectively market your product. Be sure to pay them on time, too! You don’t want to ruin your image to them.


Affiliate Marketing Explained

            Here is affiliate marketing explained. Get the facts about how and why it works so quickly for wealth.

         Affiliate marketing is the practice of a business compensating affiliates for each customer brought to their site. The affiliate (or publisher as they are known) drives business to a retailer through their own promotional efforts.

            Affiliate marketers often use standard advertising methods.

           Display advertising, and search engine optimization (commonly known as SEO) are included. However, affiliate marketers use one website to drive traffic to another – a practice often overlooked by advertisers. One of the first big companies to offer an associate program was Amazon, back in 1996. Associates could place a banner or text on their site linking consumers directly to the Amazon page.

When a person clicked through and bought a book, the associate would receive a commission.

        Affiliate Marketing has grown quickly since those early days. The e-commerce website is now an important part of a company’s overall business plan and can be more profitable than the offline business.

            The majority of affiliate programs use cost per sale (CPS) as their compensation method. Simply put, The majority of affiliate programs use cost per sale (CPS) as their compensation method. Simply put, an affiliate would make a certain percentage on every sale that they refer to the company’s website. It’s in the affiliate’s best interest to send the most highly targeted traffic to the site to increase the chance of a conversion (or sale).

Merchants favor affiliate marketing because costs are much lower than traditional advertising methods. Some companies run in house affiliate programs using software or third party services known as affiliate networks. Payouts can be made on behalf of the merchant by these networks.

Successful affiliate programs require a lot of work and regular maintenance.

        Programs that are not monitored can easily fall prey to unethical affiliates who use spamming and false advertising. These kinds of activities give affiliate marketing a bad name.

There are affiliate directories on the internet where a publisher can go and apply to an affiliate network. Many of the networks promote a vast array of products.

        The larger ones usually want to see a website and to know how much business you have driven because of your marketing efforts. It’s best for beginners to start out with the small affiliate networks that sell things like digital products. It is possible to go directly to some companies’ websites though (such as Amazon) and apply.

It is important to remember that as an affiliate you are running your own business. If you are making money, you are required to pay tax on that income. Some individuals and those working as a group may choose to form a limited liability company (known as LLC).

This protects your personal assets from any legal action brought against the company.

With the number of people that shop and do business online on the rise, affiliates do stand to earn more income. However, the number of merchants with equal quality goods has also risen so there is a constant challenge for both the merchant and the affiliate.


Here, we feature some of the best affiliate networks on the internet. All the programs listed here are reliable, especially with regard to payments, and have a lot of offers to promote.


Adperio is a new affiliate network which is home to and Memolink offers. It has turned out to be one of the best affiliate programs. Their freebie offers are high converting. You can get paid by paypal also. They also feature many great survey offers which convert well and some of them are exclusive to Adperio. Adperio accepts new publishers fast.


Another great affiliate network. It is one of the best affiliate networks to run Freebies campaigns. They are also adding many survey offers now. They pay by check and wire transfer in most countries around the world. Affiliate Webmasters who join can earn the highest CPAs in the market. "Our specialty is maximizing payouts to our affiliates". is also great for merchants looking to start an affiliate program.

Offerwise Affiliate Network

Offerwise is a new affiliate network devoted exclusively to market research and paid survey offers. They have some exclusive offers and offer the best payouts in the industry. They pay by paypal. It is fast becoming one of the best paid survey affiliate programs. 


Rextopia is a fairly new affiliate network featuring many good converting offers including surveys. They have a partner-centric approach and has been performing quite well. 

Offersquest Affiliate Network

Offersquest is a good network to run paid surveys related offers with on time monthly payments. They have an easy to use account administration, detailed statistics reporting, and real publisher support. They also pay by paypal.


Azoogleads is one of the best overall affiliate networks. They offer guaranteed highest payouts, rock solid net 15 payments and fanatical client support. Azoogleads is particularly great for search engine marketing.


Clixgalore is a leading international online affiliate network which is active worldwide, and has many offers for USA, UK, India, Australia, New Zealand and Japan. They have hundreds of offers and pay by paypal and check. You have to add details of each website where you run offers before promoting them. Clixgalore also has excellent option for merchants who are on a budget, you can start your affiliate program for as little as $75.  

Checkmystats Affiliate Network

Another good affiliate network based in Australia with good publisher support. Publishers outside Australia can get paid by paypal. They have some international offers also.


Clickbooth offers access to many high paying offers. They have hundreds of unique pre-tested offers which are highly successful. Another great aspect is their prompt round-the-clock support. You can get your payments by paypal

Shareasale is one of the biggest affiliate networks with thousands of individual programs for you to promote on your site. Many merchants have excellent datafeeds which can be useful in building your affiliate site.

IncentaClick Affiliate Network

IncentaClick Media Group is a leading two-tiered CPA affiliate network focused on performance-based online advertising, email marketing,banner advertising, pay per click and incentive traffic.  Affiliate programs include free trial, direct sale, lead generation and rev share campaigns. is an international affiliate network specializing in free stuff offers available in many countries including USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Ireland and others. If you have plenty of international traffic, this network will help you to monetize that. They have an excellent set of tools including freebie feeds, text ads, pop-ups and redirections.  

Commission Junction

Arguably the biggest affiliate network with thousands of merchants, CJ is a must join for all affiliates. CJ hosts many renowned affiliate programs like that of Ebay. Although the interface is a bit intimidating for the beginner, with experience, one can learn how to benefit from CJ. 

Chitika ads is great for monetizing blogs and shopping related sites. Their basic ad unit is the pay per click eminimalls. They are also experimenting with new ways of delivering ads and these have been quite successful.