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Introduction To Personal Computers
Difficulty:  (beginner)
Price:  Free

Welcome Students,

Thank you for joining Introduction To Computers.  We all know pretty much what a computer is and some of even have an idea of how it is used.  Computers have been around for a long time.  As technology grows computer use is becoming a necessity.  It makes perfectly good sense to want to learn more about them.  In this class, I will assume that you are new to computers, or you have little or no previous computer training or experience.  We are going to learn how not just to use a computer, but to use it as a tool to accomplish any needed task.  We will learn how to apply what we learn to our daily life activities. Learning to use a computer is not hard at all, in fact, you will find that computers are actually very straightforward.  If you have subscribed to our premium tutor package, will learn how to do the following tasks.

1. Use and communicate with our tech department
2. Upload and download assignments
3. Schedule & Attend Conferences
4. Use remote desktop for screen sharing

Learning these tools will prepare you for the world of e-learning.  If you have familiarized yourself with eTutor, you should already understand our platform and what we do.  To help you get the most from your studies, and in order to complete your course successfully in the least amount of time, you must read and agree to our policies and terms which can be found on our website.
Self-pace learning requires a certain amount of discipline. I have found that learning at your own pace is especially difficult for first-time computer users.  I contribute this to the many myths about computers.  Contrary to popular belief of first-time computer user's, you don't have to b e a programmer to learn here at eTutor.

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NOTE:  It should be noted that in our effort to keep your costs to a minimum, These methods are strictly enforced.  Premium services are optional and not required to take a course, however, we strongly recommend that all new computer users or those who have little or no previous computer experience take advantage of these programs.  They will help you successfully complete your course in the least amount of time.  This is a good time to familiarize yourself with the portal links and it's resources. Help is available here: