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Google Apps Resources

Change your password for all eServices including email, ANGEL, Google Apps, campus computers and wireless.

Known Issues

The following Google Apps issues have been addressed.  If you experience any other issues, please contact ITS Service Center through FredQuest.

Firefox Login Incompatibility

Images (i.e. Print Screen) copied to clipboard do not paste, but text does.

Email receipts are not available in FREDmail.  If you are using the Outlook interface, the Outlook software allows you to select that a receipt be requested, but the request is stripped out when it goes through Google.

Preferred names/nicknames are not displayed in the Global Address/Contacts List.

Email Setup
Using FREDmail
FREDmail for mobile/email client
Importing Contacts
Outlook Setup - no profile

Email Settings
Adding a Signature
Setting Up Filters (Rules in Exchange)
Recreating Distribution Lists
Forwarding FREDmail
Sending Email from Alternate Address

Email Tips
FREDmail Tips and Reminders 2.18.11
Gmail for Administrative Assistants (pdf)
Manage Spam
Search FREDmail

FREDmail Delegation Setup (Video)
Delegating Email to Another User
Delegating Departmental Email
Calendar Delegation Setup (Video)
Calendar Settings
Receiving Email Notifications
Color Coding Events
Appointment Slots

Add titles, headings & customize styles

FREDapps Users Group
Create a Google Group

Share your Calendar
Share your Calendar (Video)
Share a Google Doc

Browser/Computer Settings
Create Desktop Shortcut to FREDmail
Preventing Automatic Login Internet Explorer
Using Google Toolbar in IE for mailto: links
Using FREDmail for mailto: links (Firefox)
New Mail Notification (Firefox)

More resources to provide you with assistance during this transitional period:
FREDapps: More information on setting up Google Apps for SUNY Fredonia
FREDapps Resources Documents: See all published resource documents
FREDapps Users Group: Discuss issues with Google Apps
Google Apps Learning Center: Learn to use Google Apps to organize, communicate, and reach new levels of productivity.