Proctors are to arrive promptly on time.
Upon arrival, sign in with the form on the left.
  • Turn on all lights.
  • Tidy up the lab:
    • All chairs into their proper positions
    • Headphones neatly placed off to side of keyboard (where stations have headphones)
    • Any trash disposed of
    • Fill paper - Always use the entire ream of paper, check both printers
    • Clean dry erase boards with solution and paper towel (if dirty)
  • Keep the general noise level of the lab to a minimum. This especially includes you.
  • Make sure that food or drink is not even brought next to any computers. The floor is NOT an appropriate spot to store these.
  • If people bring in food or drink, inform them that they can finish it quickly outside or leave it sitting at the front of the room away from any computers.

When you are preparing to leave, do a once over the lab to reposition chairs and headphones.
All students MUST exit the lab as you leave. Those with card access can reenter AFTER you have emptied the lab. If another proctor has arrived, this step may be ignored.
Turn off all lights upon exit.

ALL PROBLEMS MUST BE IMMEDIATELY REPORTED TO MATT WILSON. There is no exception to this rule. The lab cannot run smoothly if problems persist and no notice is given. Use the form on the left to report all problems.

During the middle of your proctoring session, you may be asked to provide help to individuals. You may be asked simple questions about Finale. Beyond these programs and internet/word processing, you are not expected to be able to answer all questions. If the help that is asked for would mean doing work on a student's homework assignment, do NOT give assistance as that would be cheating.

If someone is disruptive, you are to give them a warning. If the problem persists, they are to leave the lab and you are to inform Matt Wilson about the infraction with pertinent details like the student's name, what they did and what day and time. If problems continue to persist with the same individual, lab access might be revoked outright. All of this should be conveyed in the warning.

If the lab is full and incoming individuals are looking to work on music specific tasks (ie - NOT word processing or anything internet related), you should try and find an individual who does not need to be in THIS lab and ask them to kindly save and continue their work in McEwen or the Library. This lab is prioritized for use with the theory, composition, SRT and general music programs. Any other use is subject to open seats.

Your card access grants you the privilege to utilize the lab any time you need to. You are also able to let other individuals in SO LONG as you keep an eye on them and they leave when you do. No one without card access should EVER be in the lab when there is not a proctor or myself present. If you find situations where this happens, find out who let them in and inform me. If you notice something odd during unproctored hours, please look into it and inform me.