Welcome to the Mason Hall Technology Lab!

Please use this space with the utmost respect and consideration to other users and for the equipment.

Links to many useful resources are on the left. They will open in a new window.
To access any of the Google Apps, you will be prompted to login with you username and password. If you get a Google branded login window, enter your @fredonia.edu email and press enter. On the Fredonia login page, the username will be just like Angel where you do not use the @fredonia.edu. Your password is your eServices password, just like the old email and Angel. If you still have issues, please use the Google Apps FAQ on the left.

This lab has the following rules:
  • No food or drink should be at any of the stations. Food and drink should be disposed of prior to entering the lab. Water bottles can be kept at the back of the room, on the ledge between the windows. The floor is NOT an acceptable spot for your beverages.
  • Please keep all conversation to a minimum. This lab is used by many individuals and you should extend the courtesy of a quiet work environment to them as you would expect them to extend to you.
  • This lab should not be used for general wasting of time. This means that Facebook, games, YouTube/Hulu etc for entertainment purposes is discouraged. If you are using the lab for these purposes and cause a disruption or someone else needs a computer, you may be asked to leave.
  • Any issues and concerns with the software or equipment should be immediately reported to a proctor or Matthew Wilson. You can use the form found through the link on the left to report any concerns.
  • You may NOT allow individuals into the lab if the doors are closed. No one without card access should be allowed into the lab outside of open lab hours. NO EXCEPTIONS!
  • No equipment from the lab is to be taken out of the lab for ANY purpose. NO EXCEPTIONS!

A schedule for the lab can be found through the link at the left hand side.

If you have trouble getting into the lab during these hours for required class purposes, please contact Matthew Wilson.

All reasonable requests will be facilitated to the best of our ability.