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Choosing a Database

Perhaps one of the most difficult steps in conducting research is selecting the right resource.

Here are some activities to help your students better understand the difference between a library database and an internet search engine, how to select the appropriate database regarding their topic as well as how to effectively use a database in their searching.
  1. Jen Klaudinvi, “What is a Library Database?,” Western Oregon University, n.d.,
    • Students will learn what sort of information they might find in library databases and will understand when to use them appropriately for research.
  2. Michelle Mach, “CSU Libraries: Choosing a Database,” Colorado State University, n.d.,
    • This brief, self-paced Flash tutorial first reviews the different types of information found in article databases (citations, abstracts, full text articles). Then it teaches students how to begin selecting a database based on the type of information they need.