Improv. Course

Free Improvisation is the experience of expressing what you feel moment to moment, spontaneously tapping into our inner world of feelings, memories, artistry and creativity. Improvisation frees up performers enormously, relieving them of the necessity of conforming to a narrow style of playing. It gives music educators tools to meet the National Standards, while helping students access their own creativity and love of sound. It gives the music therapist more techniques to use for emotional release and healing with sound.

This is about making music from the inside out--without judgment and without fear.

It is also a credit course (MUS 119) in the 
School of Music at SUNY – Fredonia.
Dr. David Rudge teaches the class Fridays 4 - 6 PM.
The course is open to music and non-music majors.

"If you are too busy to develop your talents,
you are too busy."
– Julia Cameron