Fredonia's Graduate Student Writing Center (GSWC) offers peer-to-peer support for graduate-level writers. We are located on the 3rd floor of Reed Library in the Graduate Student Lounge.

We function as an on-campus resource to foster and support graduate students' academic growth and achievement. Services are free and open to all students enrolled in a Master's or Certificate of Advanced Study program at Fredonia.

What do we do?

Tutors in the GSWC can help you...

...build confidence to write and edit on your own.

...address a prevalent grammar or punctuation error.

...understand the conventions of common written genres at the graduate level.

...discover effective tools for all aspects of the writing process (planning/brainstorming, drafting, revising, editing, and submitting your work).

Please note that we cannot proofread and edit papers to correct all grammar and punctuation errors for you.

Why visit us?

Many students think only "bad writers" seek tutoring. The truth is, every writer, no matter their ability, age, or course of study, can benefit from peer-to-peer tutoring! Whether you have specific questions or just seek general advice, our tutors would love to discuss your writing with you.