We are always accepting applications to volunteer
*All that are interested in volunteering at the center, must complete an orienation and submit the needed paperwork prior to getting their volunteer assignment.
Please visit us at the center to set up an orientation and to pick up a registration packet

Volunteering can be a valuable pre-professional experience, which can help one decide on a career choice or provide a reference for a future resume.  SUNY Fredonia students have utilized our programs for thirty years for these reasons.  They, in turn, have provided valuable assistance to our children and staff. 


How can you help our children and teachers as a Volunteer:


  • Read books.
  • Talk to the children; let them talk to you.
  • Sit and watch the children play (at the table or on the floor); join in their play if they invite you.
  • Put paper on easel for children who want to paint (put child's name on the paper).
  • Help wash children's hands in the bathroom. 
  • Help dress children to go outdoors.
  • Hold children's hands outdoors when needed.
  • Lay quietly next to children's cots at naptime.
  • Help wipe noses when needed.
  • Assist teachers during art projects.
  • Help with breakfast, lunch and afternoon snack when appropriate.
  • Get extra food from kitchen when needed at lunch time or afternoon snack.
  • Tie shoes.